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Sunsky trailer propose customized 30 tons to 150 tons low bed semi-trailer Apr,19 2018
Robust and designed for both road and off road conditions, SUNSKY low bed semi-trailer are developed to transport all kind of engines for civil engineering work, mining and any specific load. Our chassis are reinforced to face the very harsh conditions encountered on African and Asian roads and tracks. We use high tense Q345 steel, this steel is easy to repair in any work shop.

They can be equipped with side extension brackets, adjustable ramps and customized for exceptional transports.

The ramps of SUNSKY low bed semi-trailer can be spring or hydraulic assisted. All hydraulic equipment are from well know international suppliers, providing both reliability and effectiveness on the field. We can also equip our low bed semi-trailer with equipment like heavy duty recovery winch etc.

More than 30 year experience, working with many Fuel logistic companies, civil engineering and mining companies, SUNSKY low bed semi-trailer can be designed according your requirements whatever the ground conditions and make a more suitable low bed semi-trailer for you.

Howo low bed semi trailer

Low bed semi-trailer

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