4 units of Tri-Axle Side Wall Trailer Shipped to Djen Djen! 2024-02-01
This is a new customer from Algeria, after communication, we understand that the customer is mainly used to transport containers and bulk cargo, so we recommended this container semi-trailer with the customer, which can not only transport bulk cargo, but also need to remove the box board when transporting the container, which meets the customer's transportation needs.
Because of the trust of the customer, we are very clear about the basic situation of the customer, so the communication of the procurement demand is very smooth, and we negotiated it quickly.

Below are pictures of our finished products.

If you are a new user, you must understand the connection operation.
1. To make the towing pin and the traction seat smoothly connected, the semi-trailer should be in a state of gas shutdown first. 
2. Raise the outriggers so that the 4-axle flatbed semi-trailer traction pin seat plate is about 10-13mm lower than the center of the tractor traction seat. Otherwise, sometimes not only will it not be able to connect, but it will also damage the towing seat, towing pins, and related parts. 
3. Pull the tractor hitch release lever to open the tow lock mechanism. 
4. Turn the tractor upside down, so that the towing pin of the 40-foot 4-axle flatbed semi-trailer is introduced into the opening of the locking mechanism through the V-shaped opening of the traction seat, and the lock block is locked. Push the rotation to lock the towing pin. When reversing, the center line of the tractor and semi-trailer should be consistent. Generally, the deviation of the two center lines is limited to less than 40mm, within 5 ° when full load, and within 7 ° when no load. 
5. Connect the air circuit and open the isolation switch of the semi-trailer on the tractor to make the trailer obtain sufficient air pressure. Connect the line and insert the tractor wiring plug into the semi-trailer wiring socket. Properly operate the lift leg retract, then pull down the crank and hang it on the hook.
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