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  • 3 axles flatbed trailer Flatbed Cargo Trailer

    This is the second order from a Tanzanian customer, the first time to buy a flatbed semi-trailer from us for transporting bulk cargo and containers, this time a...

  • Low Bed Semi Trailers Low Bed Semi Trailers

    A low-bed semi-trailer is a semi-trailer specially designed to transport over-high or over-wide goods, and the low-bed semi-trailer provides a high degree of fl...

  • draw bar trailer Drawbar Drop Side Wall Trailer

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  • Side Wall Semi Trailer Sidewall Semi Trailer

    The 40T flatbed semi trailer with dropside wall is a special vehicle suitable for long-distance transportation. The flatbed trailer is designed with side rails and is used to transport containers or bulk cargo such as grain, cement, etc.

  • Skeleton Container Trailer 40ft Skeleton Trailer

    Skeleton container trailers are used for transport containers,and depending on their type, they are suitable for carrying 20FT containers and/or 40FT containers...

  • 3 axles flatbed trailer Flatbed Bulk Cargo Trailer

    Flatbed semi-trailer is a kind of cargo vehicle, which is designed with a flatbed structure and has no restrictions on fences or side panels. It has the charact...

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