Aluminum Tanker
Advantages of our aluminum tanker truck

Aluminum alloy density is small, large cross - section girder extrusion molding, high strength. More than 4 tons lighter than similar carbon steel tank truck, 20 percent more than carbon steel tank truck. Because the aluminium alloy tank is lighter than the carbon steel tank, the fuel consumption and tire wear during transportation are reduced, thus the daily operation and maintenance costs are reduced. By reducing the dead weight of the vehicle and increasing the payload, transporting the same amount of cargo can reduce the number of trips.
The tank is made of aluminum alloy with good elongation and high strength. Oil products are inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, so safety is an important index to consider oil tanker. Oil products are prone to hot expansion and cold contraction in extremely cold or hot conditions, and the ductility of ordinary oil tanks is prone to explosion under such conditions. The use of aluminum alloy tank greatly improves the safety.

The following aluminum tank are available:

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