Container Trailer

20ft 40ft 45ft container trailer for sale

Container trailer truck usually adopt the combined form of car and train. It can be divided into semi trailer, full trailer and double trailer, among which semi trailer truck is used the most.

SUNSKY container trailers include flatbed semi trailer and skeleton semi trailer.The loading part of the flat semi trailer is the flat platform, which can be used for shipping containers,ordinary long-piece goods or ISO tanker.The frame of container trailer have straight and gooseneck type,mainly used in ship, port, highway,railways etc.The loading part of the skeleton semi trailer is the chassis skeleton without platform. After the container is loaded on the vehicle and fixed by the twist-lock device, it also becomes the strength component of the semi trailer.

Skeleton semi trailer can only be used to carry containers. It has the advantages of small dead weight, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

According to the structural form, the container semi trailer is divided into two types: straight frame type and gooseneck type. straight frame semitrailers are suitable for carrying containers with flat bottom structure; The gooseneck semi-trailer is specially designed to carry containers with a grooved bottom structure to reduce loading height.

The size of container trailer have 20ft,40ft and 45ft.

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