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Airbag suspension will be the semi-trailer trends in the world 2018-03-15

Airbag suspension will be the semi-trailer trends in the world

The main advantage of airbag suspension is to reduce the impact  of liquid flow on the tank and protect the safety of cargo transport;Reduce tires wear and fuel consumption etc. With the development of technology, airbag suspension has become an indispensable standard equip for high-end heavy truck and special vehicles(semi-trailer).

It can take more benefit for transporters follow below advantages:

Little bump

Through the adjustment of the airbag spring,it can ensure the constant height of tank and reduce the liquid sloshing caused by the bump.Decrease the impact on the tank to ensure the security of the cargo transport.Keep a longer life span of the tanker semi-trailer.

High economical

Using airbag suspension can reduce tires wear and fuel consumption effectively . Through data statistics, on the same road condition and cargo loading.,the fuel consumption per 100km can be reduced more than 1.2 liters.

Enhance the protection of tires and other accessories

Airbag suspension system can absorb the shock taken by uneven road surface more effectively . Reduce the distortion and impact  when vehicle driving.Make the axle parts, tires, frame in a better protection.


Use airbag suspension to transport is more steady,When the trailer running the gravity of the vehicle is almost unchanged, the stability of axial direction and radial direction is excellent, and the driving is safer and more reliable. The squatting braking system is adopted,it can avoid the Forward dip impact of vehicle efficiently When  a urgent brake occured.

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