Benefits of Having A Container Chassis 2021-11-18

Container chassis is a wheeled carrier that is specially designed to transport containers from trucks between warehouses, terminals, and ports. Extremely well-engineered, this equipment is a strong steel frame with an axle system and tires, suspension, lighting mechanisms, and brakes. Nowadays chassis also come with advanced features like ABS, weight sensors, GPS tracking system, LED lights, etc. In the simplest manner, the chassis is the key link for transportation and container movement.

To transport the standard ISO containers (20ft and 40ft) with double axles standard chassis are designed. And a tri-axle chassis is needed to carry 20ft container that weighs around 36,00 lbs, and a container with a height of 40ft with a weight above 44,000 lbs can also be transported with the tri-axle chassis. Moreover, mentioned below are a few more usages of container chassis.

  • Smooth and Secure Shipping

Containers are safely and securely attached to the chassis, which prevents unnecessary container moments and ensures safer transportation.

  • Durability and Easy Transportation

However the container chassis is constructed from lighter materials, yet the material is durable enough to withstand the load and transportation of heavy freight with ease.

  • Suits Different Shipping Requirements

As the container chassis come in different shapes and types they can fit your needs easily. You can choose from a wide range of options depending on your requirements and preferences.

  • Quick, Cost-Effective and Offers Timely Delivery

These container transporters are made up of solid structure materials that are capable of loading several containers in one go-making the process smoother and faster. Through this ability, you can expect timely delivery and it can save extra charges and makes the entire process way more cost-effective.

  • Uplifts Customer Satisfaction

Since the charges are saved, the delivery is on time and the shipping is done safely, it improves the reliability and amp up the overall customer experience.

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