Feedback from new customers in Zambia! 2024-06-07
We were contacted via WhatsApp by a customer from Zambia, who is a transporter that uses sidewall semi-trailers to transport grain and bulk cargo.

As it was our first collaboration, the customer was understandably cautious. We fully understood the situation and provided some models we had created for the Zambian customer, along with the contact information of our agent. Following our communication, the customer expressed their intention to place an order and make the payment within a week. They have turned out to be our fastest-closing customer.

The 30-ton semi-trailer with sideboards is designed for transporting various types of goods, including grain, bulk cargo, and containers. Moreover, the vehicle is equipped with a FUWA axle with leaf spring suspension to ensure smooth operation during transportation and maximize the safety of the cargo.

At the start of June 24, upon receiving the trailers, the customer expressed great satisfaction with the trailer and is considering purchasing more.

Customer Feedback

Contact Information

Whatsapp : 8613666007515