Full understanding of semi-trailer, to buy suitable semi-trailer 2022-05-11

Confused that the semi-trailer has two license plates? A vehicle can only have one license plate, while a semi-trailer has two. Because one is the license plate of the vehicle itself, the other is the license plate of the container or trailer. In other words, the front of the driving ability of the locomotive is called tractor, behind the driving force is called trailer, so there are two license plates. Many people have doubts, what is the difference between all-around trailer and semi-trailer?

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In fact, the connection mode of omnipotent trailer and tractor is different. The omnipotent trailer is directly connected to the rear end of the tractor at the front end of the semi-trailer, which does not bear weight but only provides tension. The semi-trailer is the front of the trailer on the rear section of the tractor above the traction saddle, tractor behind the bridge bearing part of the weight of the trailer. Omnipotent trailers and semi-trailers also have no power plant.

Now, heavy truck automobile industry, truck locomotive, tank semi trailer, flatbed trailer and other semi trailer brands emerge in an endless stream, how to choose semi trailer performance? In fact, to choose a suitable dump semi-trailer or flat semi-trailer, just like choosing clothes, you need to find the right one. First, determine what cargo and route you plan to haul regularly. For example:pull building materials, sand dump truck, there will be the possibility of overload, you must consider the heavy tractor.

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Vehicle bearing capacity is reflected in three aspects: frame, suspension and bridge, and, of course, tires and drive shafts. Each enterprise's product version is not the same, can be divided into standard load version, overload version, overweight version. Due to the design of different versions of tractors, different loads, different tonnage, the choice of semi-trailer versions are also different.

Running route: For example often in plain area runs high speed, high speed road surface is better, have steep slope rarely. Almost all are little slope or flat road. So, we can choose a big power engine, a small ratio of the bridge. In mountainous areas, we can choose from a axle with high horsepower and a slightly larger speed ratio. For national and provincial roads and other complex road conditions, do not choose a small speed ratio of the axle, you can choose a double axle.

Specific how to choose the gearbox, engine, axle, it is necessary to choose according to your comprehensive road conditions and common speed. It can refer to the economic speed of the engine and the data of the highest and lowest grade of the gearbox and the speed ratio of the axle. Finally, ask for your own selection of vehicles. Before choosing a semi-trailer, you must have your own unique ideas and requirements.

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Some people who want to replace their semitrailers or tractors and those who want to enter the industry have a hard time choosing a vehicle,do not know how to buy a semi-trailer, the following is a small series of SUNSKY for you to sort out some semi trailer selection matters:

I. According to the demand

According to their own needs, usually run what kind of road much, pull what goods much. Don't blindly follow the crowd, and rely on your own needs and judgment of the demand.

II. Enterprise qualification

Before choosing a secure semi trailer, we must first confirm the qualification of the enterprise. Whether to belong to announce an enterprise, how is aptitude? Why can the enterprise provide the semi trailer production of a high performance and high quality trailer to the user? This is about identifying the resources of the enterprise.

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III.Product performance

The choice of tractor mainly depends on the weight of the body, traction and so on. The greater the traction, the greater the acceleration, the better the performance of the vehicle can certainly improve the efficiency.

IV. Cost performance

Buy semi trailer is mainly for pulling goods to run transportation, of course, to choose cost-effective trailers, reduce costs so as to improve revenue.

V. Bearing capacity

Semi-trailer running transport is basically transport large valuable goods, so in the selection of semi trailer should also consider the bearing capacity.

VI. Safety

Running transportation needs to travel outside for a long time, and high speed driving will inevitably encounter some emergencies, so safety is also the top priority.

VII. After-sales service

Whether the after-sales service can be done, timely in place to solve the problem, users will rest assured. After-sales service can tell the good or bad of a company.

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The above is the introduction of semi-trailer, and how to choose suitable for their tractor. Nowadays, transportation is not possible without tractors. So pay attention to safety. Don't tired yourself by driving.

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