Heavy Duty Dump Trailer

Heavy Duty Dump Trailer

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Four-axle dump semi-trailer is a commercial vehicle designed for the transportation of heavy bulk goods. Its four-axis design gives it excellent load-carrying capacity and stability, making it ideal for transporting large quantities of heavy cargo such as building materials, ores, etc. The vehicle is equipped with an efficient dump system, which can quickly and easily dump the goods, improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, and reduce transportation costs.

Dump Trailer parameter
35cbm 4-axle tipper semi-trailer
Feature: Carry Sand, Stone, Mine, Garbage and so on 
Dimension(L*W*H): 10000*2600*3500 mm
Dump box size 9500*2350*1700 mm(35CBM)
Main frame: I beam height 500mm,thickness 16/16/8mm
The thickness of body Side wall: 6mm
Bottom floor: 8mm
Capacity(CBM): 35CBM
Payload:50 Tons
Kingpin: Bolt-in type 3.5 inch
Landing gear: Two-speed manual operation 19”
Tire size: Linglong brand 12R22.5 (17 pcs)
Rim size: 9.00*22.5(17 pcs)
Axle: 13Tons, 4 Axle
Suspension: 1st axle with airbag suspension
2nd-4th axle with Spring suspension
Brake system: Dual line with Re-6 emergency relay valve, T30/30 air chamber, 46L air tank
Electric system: One unit of 24V 7-pin ISO standard socket; with brake light, turn light, reverse light, side light, reflector, fog light; one set of 6-pin standard cable
Hydraulic system Hyva brand 
Painting: Two coat of anti-corrosion prime; one coat of finish painting
Accessory: One tool box; one set of standard tool


Tipper Trailer Advantage

High load capacity: The four-axle design enables the dump semi-trailer to carry a large amount of cargo, which is suitable for transporting heavy bulk cargo, such as ore, building materials, etc.  
Strong stability: The four-axis layout increases the stability and balance of the vehicle, which can effectively reduce bumps and shaking during transportation and ensure the safe transportation of goods. 
Dump function: The dump semi-trailer is equipped with a dump system, which can quickly dump the goods out of the container, which improves the loading and unloading efficiency and saves manpower and time costs.  
Wide adaptability: The four-axle dump semi-trailer is suitable for various roads and working conditions, such as urban roads, rural roads, mining roads, etc., and has strong passing capacity.  
Strong durability: Using high-strength materials and high-quality manufacturing processes, the four-axle dump semi-trailer has good durability and reliability, and can adapt to long-term, high-intensity use.  Multiple configurations: The four-axle dump semi-trailer can be customized according to customer needs, including different sizes of cargo boxes, different types of dump systems, and additional equipment such as protective covers, water spray devices, etc.  

Overall, the four-axle dump semi-trailer is a powerful, stable, and versatile heavy-duty commercial vehicle, suitable for a variety of transportation tasks, and is ideal for construction, mining, logistics, and other industries. Feel free to contact us for the latest quotation and consultation!


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