How To Take Care Of Fuel Tank Trailer 2022-06-08

Fuel tankers are one of the most important transportations modes used for the supply of diesel oil, gasoline, and benzene, along with other kinds of inflammable and explosive liquids. In a way, it won’t be wrong to say that the fule tank trailer doesn’t only plays a vital role in the transportation of such delicate elements but plays a vital role in the overall operation of the world. These products are essential for daily transportation and machinery operations, thus fuel tank trailers can’t be taken chance with when it comes to their maintenance and regular checkups. One needs extra attention when it comes to taking care of such a crucial aspect of transportation.

Here are some of the tips that can help you in taking care of and keeping up with the good maintenance of the fuel tank trailer.

The driver needs to take care of certain things

Verify the functional condition of each instrument when the tank truck is moving, check if the driving system is operating effectively while the fuel tank truck is moving. While the tank truck is travelling, do not check the hand and foot brakes. Check to see if the engine, chassis, or oil tank body make any unusual noises or emit any unusual odours while the fuel tank trailer is running.

Make sure that the interior is clean

Keep your tank trailer clean and you'll be surprised at how much it can help. Transporting fuel from one place to another while dealing with a variety of temperatures may be taxing on your vehicle. De-icing chemicals can harm metal parts and electrical wiring if used improperly. Because some of the substances you'll transfer might damage the body, keep a consistent washing and cleaning programme. Crude, for example, contains hydrogen sulphide (H2S), which can corrode aluminium.

Do not forget to clean the gaskets

On fuel tank trailers, the filth and grime may severely build up around the sump gaskets. You'll have troubles sooner or later if you don't clear off the residue. You might, for example, cross-contaminate the fluids or produce leaks. Remove both the exterior and inner valve gaskets and carefully clean them. This should be done every six months if you only tote one sort of fluid. Clean them before each transition in the product if you're transporting a variety of things.

Give a thorough inspection to the tires

Low rolling resistance tyres and a tyre pressure system are necessary for tank trucks. To guarantee that all tyres are ready to take on the weight of the cargo and the rigours of the road, they should feature either a tyre pressure monitoring system or an automated tyre inflation system. To avoid rollovers, you must also keep your tyres in good condition. Keep an eye on your tyres' tread since they won't be able to retain sufficient traction on the road if they don't have enough tread.

Don’t miss on the conditions of valves

Your tank trailer contains hydraulic, safety, vacuum, and pressure valves that must all operate properly to guarantee a safe and smooth ride every time. These valves have a tendency to freeze and subsequently malfunction in extremely cold conditions. Every valve must be properly oiled to prevent this from happening. Make sure there's no debris or rust on them by inspecting them. Check the pressure gauge while you're at it.

By following these simple yet crucial steps, you can make sure that the fuel tank is being taken care of properly.

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