HOWO 371HP Used Dump Truck Exported to Ghana 2022-06-08

HOWO Heavy Duty 336HP/371HP/420HP Used Dump Truck in Hot Sales

A Ghanaian customer purchased a HOWO 371 dump truck at SUNSKY. Before, the customer purchased a 3 axle trailer for the convenience of container transportation. Customers now need to transport gravel and large stones, let us recommend a suitable semi-trailer. Considering the flexibility of the customer's construction site, it is recommended that the customer use the HOWO 371 dump truck. As an agent of Sinotruk, we can offer the best price.

HOWO dump truck 336/371/420hp, the famous brand Weichai diesel engine provides strong power. 371 horsepower is the best-selling model, the HOWO 371 dump truck can fully meet your needs. We also offer 12-wheel versions to meet customer needs for greater load capacity.

HOWO 371 dump truck is a vehicle that unloads goods by hydraulic or mechanical lift. It consists of an automobile chassis, a hydraulic lifting mechanism, a cargo compartment and a power take-off device. Since the HOWO dump truck can automatically unload, it greatly saves unloading time and labor, shortens the transportation cycle, improves production efficiency, and reduces transportation costs.

Over the years, we have exported several dump trucks to Ghana and have accumulated many regular customers in the country. We are very familiar with the usual specifications of customers there. Now many customers who use our dump trucks give us feedback that the quality is very durable, so they buy from us again and again when they need it.

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The HOWO 371 tipper requires preparation and maintenance.

1. Under freezing conditions, the oil will become very viscous, especially when Sinotruk is just starting up. Too thick lubricating oil will increase the resistance of the engine, make it difficult to start the engine, and even cause wear of individual parts, which is very dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to change the lubricating oil to a viscosity grade suitable for the local climate and temperature at the beginning of winter.

2. It is also important to replace the antifreeze engine coolant for the HOWO 371 dump truck, because the antifreeze also has a service life of about two years, and it is generally recommended to replace it, otherwise the condensation point will gradually increase, causing the coolant to freeze in cold conditions.

3. HOWO 371 dump truck can replace the gear oil. Gear oils are also available in a variety of viscosity grades for different ambient temperatures. If the viscosity is too high, it will be difficult to shift gears when the gearbox is cold in winter, the running resistance of the drive axle will be large, and the fuel consumption will be high. Therefore, the HOWO 371 dump truck needs to change the lubricating oil to the viscosity grade suitable for the local climate and temperature in the beginning of winter.

4. The battery will wear out in winter, if the condition is not good, the engine will not be able to start. In order to avoid the HOWO 371 dump truck failure halfway, be sure to check the status of the battery in advance.

5. The heating cover is installed on the front cover of the model to make the engine reach the ideal working temperature as soon as possible, ensure that the engine heats up quickly after a cold start, save fuel consumption, and reduce wear and tear of engine components caused by low temperature. In addition, the heat dissipation effect of the cab can be improved.

6. Sinotruk HOWO heating system should do a good job of heating inspection and cleaning to prevent the heating system from not being used for a long time.

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