Sprayer Disinfection Truck
Sprayer Disinfection Truck Sprayer Disinfection Truck Sprayer Disinfection Truck Sprayer Disinfection Truck

HOWO Sprayer Disinfection Truck with fog cannon

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Product item: HOWO Sprayer Disinfection Truck with fog cannon

Fight to coronavirus(COVID-19), epidemic prevention and disinfection is a very important part.
The most common truck used in prevention and disinfection with high efficiency is sprayer truck, also called dust suppression truck, fog cannon truck.

The Sinotruk HOWO Sprayer truck is consisting of High-pressure water pump, sprayer machine, electric control system, remote control system etc. 
The sprayer truck is refit base on the sprinkler truck with install the engine part. Besides owns all function of sprinkler truck, the sprayer truck has function of high-pressure remote air spray. It can choose to install different power and range sprayer machines to meet your requirements. The sprayer machines have function of function of drop temperature, Dust fall etc.

The HOWO sprayer truck can be used in:
1. Large-scale landfills and large-scale spraying of air disinfectants after natural disasters in cities and towns to prevent diseases or disinfection
2. Spray water and reduce dust on squares and docks to regulate air humidity。
3. Drop temperature and dust fall on Mining area, demolition site, coal yard, steel factory.

What are the advantages of HOWO sprayer truck?
1. With independent high and low pressure waterway systems
2. Low-pressure system with flushing and sprinkling functions
3. Equipped with water gun and greening irrigation device
4. The fully automatic operating system is flexible and convenient, driving and spraying operation can be finished by one people.
5. The sprayer truck has a fault diagnosis function, which is convenient for maintenance and repair.

SINOTRUK HOWO Sprayer Disinfection Truck specification

Model: ZZ1257S4341W

Engine: 371HP, EURO Ⅱ

Transmission: HW19710.10 forward speed

Front Axles: HF7(drum)

Rear Axles: ST16

Transmission: HW19710,10 speed

Steering: ZF brand



Different ratio: 4.42

Air-conditioner and safety belts

Whole truck dimensions (MM):10800×2500×3750

Tanker body: 5 to 15CBM

Tank material: Carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloy

Pump: 60 m³/h water pump

Fog cannon part

Generator power: 50-120KW

Range: 50 to 120 meter

Fan motor power: 16 -38 kw

Driving water pump power:6- 12kw

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HOWO Sprayer Disinfection Truck


Subject : HOWO Sprayer Disinfection Truck with fog cannon

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