Side Tipper Trailer

Side Tipper Trailer

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The dump side wall semi-trailer has a dump type steeplechase structure, which can be opened or folded sideways to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods. It usually consists of a flat chassis and a collapsible steeplechase that can adapt to the transportation needs of different types and sizes of goods.

Side Tipper Trailer parameter
40FT Four Axle Side tipping drop side semi-trailer
Model: XMS9380TP
Tare weight:Aprox. 10.6tons
Payload: 60,000kgs
Dimension: Aprox.12500mm*2500mm*3000mm
Height of side wall:1500mm
Axle: 4 Axles,13 Tons
Suspension:FUWA brand with 10pcs leafs spring
Type of landing leg and capacity: 19"
Kingpin:  3.5" BOLT-IN
Tires:12R22.5 (17pcs)
Rim: 9.00*22.5 (17pcs)
Braking system: Dual-line air brake system
Color: Optional
With Chinese brand hydraulic cylinder

Flexibility: The steeplechase of the dump steeplechase semi-trailer can be opened or folded laterally, making the loading and unloading operation of goods more convenient and flexible, and suitable for the transportation of goods of various sizes and shapes. 
Safety: The steeplechase structure is firm, which can effectively fix the goods and prevent them from sliding or tilting during transportation, which improves the safety of cargo transportation. 
Versatility: The dump steeplechase semi-trailer is suitable for the transportation of various types of goods, including building materials, furniture, machinery and equipment, etc., with strong versatility and applicability. 
Space-saving: The steeplechase can be opened or folded sideways, making the loading and unloading process more efficient, while it can be folded up when not in use, saving space and making it easy to park and store.

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