2 units skeleton trailer for Madagascar 2024-03-29
We are glad that our container shipping trailers have received the favor of our customers.

This is an old customer who returns orders, and we purchased two skeleton semi-trailers for shipping containers when we first cooperated.

The landing gear and axles of this skeleton trailer are made of FUWA brand 3 Axle, 13 tons, the landing gear and structure are more stable, the load is 40ton, it can carry a 40-foot container and two 20-foot containers, with a total length of 12370mm, and a container baffle is designed at the tail to make the container transportation process safer.

Now the production has been completed, the customer's balance has been paid, and the shipping schedule of No. 4.2 will be shipped out of Qingdao Port and arrive at the port in mid-May.  

If you are also an end-user of container transportation, welcome to contact us! We are already a hot-selling supplier of semi-trailers in Africa, with our own factory and support customization, contact us now to place an order to get a discount!

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