Sunsky exports fuel trucks to Malawi 2024-03-20
Sunsky Company, a leading manufacturer of special vehicles, has successfully exported a tanker truck to Malawi for use in the infrastructure of a petrol station.

Equipped with HOWO's cutting-edge technology and strict safety measures, the tanker will make a significant contribution to Malawi's fuel distribution network. Designed to meet Malawi's growing energy needs, these tanker trucks will ensure safe and efficient transportation of fuel across the country.

Basic configuration
Cabin:1880 cabin,without sleeping bed,with air conditioner
Fuel tank:120L,iron material
Suspension:leaf springs
Engine:YN4102QBZL,116HP,Euro ll
Gearbox:WLY5T46+LS3213,manual,with PTO,5 F&1 R
Front axle:2000kg,drum brake
Rear axles:6500kg,drum brake
Without ABS
Steering:hydraulic operations with power assistance
Tires:8,25R16,7 pieces(including one spare tyre)
Overall dimension:5800*2150*2650mm

The arrival of this tanker marks an important milestone in Sunsky's commitment to providing reliable transportation solutions in Africa. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Sunsky continues to be a trusted partner in the region's growth journey.  

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