20 Units 3 Axle Flatbed Trailers Exported to Tanzania 2022-06-22

This is the third time that Tanzanian customers have purchased SUNSKY's flatbed trailers. The three times he bought the same flatbed semi-trailer, he bought 2 units for the first time to pull ordinary bulk and dry goods, and the second time he bought 8 units. Later, the business expanded, and this time he bought 20 units 40ft flatbed trailer is used for transportation, and a part is specially reserved for container transportation. Very proud client.

Because of the customer's trust, we are very clear about the basic situation of the customer, so the communication of purchasing needs is very smooth, and we quickly negotiated.

Below are pictures of the package and shipment. Because the customer's purchase volume is very large this time, the delivery time will be longer, it may take 2-3 months, but we also attach great importance to this customer. the arrival.

Several other three-axle flatbed trailers include pull-out flatbed trailers with front baffles, interconnected flatbed semi-trailers, and his container dumper.

 flatbed trailer

flatbed trailer

Are you excited to see this client's business? Want to start shipping too? Then the following questions are what you need to know:

Flatbed trailer is a kind of transportation equipment, which is mainly composed of steel structure frame, and is divided into lighting system, braking system and walking system according to the approach method.

The flatbed trailer is carefully designed, its height and weighing capacity can transport the goods safely and efficiently. When transporting the goods in containers, if there is a flatbed trailer or ship or other means of transportation in the middle of the three axles, we do not need to transport the goods from the container. taken out.


What is the production process of the three-axle flatbed trailer?

Knowing our production process can dispel a large part of your doubts.

First, make the standard width drawing of the flatbed trailer according to your requirements. After confirming that the drawing is correct, hand it over to the workshop for production.

According to the requirements of each part of the drawing, we will use the CNC cutting machine to cut each part, such as the main beam needs to use steel plates, steel bars, etc.

Welding work platform, side beam, main beam, main welding pin, welding suspension, welding bottom plate of three-axle flatbed semi-trailer.

Three-axle flatbed trailer manufacturers remove rust, defrost, spray primer, paint, spray wax; install axles; install tires.


Suspension system: mechanical suspension and air suspension series are optional.

1. Mechanical suspension series: The three-axle flatbed trailer adopts a series balance structure, which has high strength and strong impact resistance, and evenly distributes the axle load to each axle. High-strength materials have longer service life, effective buffering, simple maintenance, and easy replacement of wearing parts.

2. Air suspension system: optional BPW and Fuwa . More shocking proof combined with lift and steering axles.


flatbed trailer

If you are a new user, you must be aware of the connection operation.

1. In order to make the connection between the traction pin and the traction seat smooth, the semi-trailer should be in an air-cut state first.

2. Lift the outriggers so that the traction pin seat plate of the 4-axle flatbed semi-trailer is about 10-13mm lower than the center position of the traction seat of the tractor. Otherwise, sometimes not only can not be connected, but also damage the traction seat, traction pin and related parts.

3. Pull the tow vehicle hitch release lever to open the tow lock mechanism.

4. Turn the tractor upside down, so that the traction pin of the 40-foot 4-axle flatbed semi-trailer is introduced into the opening of the locking mechanism through the V-shaped opening of the traction seat, and the lock block is pushed to rotate to lock the traction pin.

When reversing, the centerline of the tractor and the semi-trailer should be the same. Generally, the deviation between the two center lines is limited to within 40mm, within 5° when fully loaded, and within 7° when no load.

5. Connect the air circuit and turn on the disconnect switch of the semi-trailer on the tractor, so that the trailer can obtain sufficient air pressure. Connect the line and insert the wiring plug of the tractor into the wiring socket of the semi-trailer. Properly operate the lift leg to retract, then pull down the crank and hang it on the hook.


40 ft flatbed trailer

Drive safely

1. Check before starting

Whether the tire pressure of the tractor and four-axle flatbed semi-trailer is set to the specified value. Spare tire pressure, whether it is properly installed on the spare tire frame, and whether the nut is locked.

Start the engine and observe the barometer in the cab. Push in the tractor handbrake, you can hear a distinct squeaking sound, and you can see the brake cylinder pushrod retract to release the parking brake.

Check whether the air circuit is leaking and whether the braking system is working properly. Check whether the gas circuit lamps work normally and whether the wiring connectors are well connected.

2. Getting Started

After all inspections are confirmed to be normal, continue to increase the pressure of the brake system, and then start smoothly according to the operation requirements of the tractor to check the reliability of the vehicle braking.

3. Driving

Prevent the semi-trailer braking system from being used for a long time, so as to prevent the emergency relay valve from automatically breaking the wheel due to the low air pressure of the braking system. The brake locks automatically. To prevent the brake drums from overheating on long or steep slopes, use the tractor's engine brake as much as possible to apply the brakes.

Pay attention to the height limit signs on the road to avoid collision with equipment on the road.

3 axle flatbed trailer

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