3 units of flatbed trailers for export to Zimbabwe 2024-06-06
The flat deck trailer is a type of trailer specifically designed to transport bulk cargo and containers.

This is one of our new customers from Zimbabwe. We contacted our boss, Edwin Zheng, through WhatsApp. After communicating with the customer, we understand that they mainly use container transportation. We recommended a flat deck trailer with a front board to the customer. The entire trailer is 12.5 meters long and can carry loads of up to 40 tons. It is suitable for transporting two 20-foot containers or one 40-foot container. Additionally, it is equipped with 315 tires and a twin leaf spring suspension.

The customer has ordered three flatbed semi-trailers with front boards. The flatbed trailers have already been produced and are now waiting for the customer to pay off the remaining balance. Once the payment is made, we will make arrangements for booking and delivery for the customer immediately.


Contact Information

Whatsapp : 8613666007515