Low-bed semi-trailers were shipped to Mali 2024-05-31
A unique type of trailer utilized extensively in many industrial domains, the low-bed semi-trailer is designed to carry big, heavy cargo. Although its construction is quite complicated, it offers the advantages of flexible loading and ease of operation. 

Two three-axle low-bed semi-trailers from SUNSKY were loaded and transported safely from the port of Tianjin, China to Dakar in March 2024. These trailers will finally be delivered to clients in Mali.

The customer of SUNSKY Mali works in the construction sector and bought a low-bed semi-trailer from us to move building equipment. Excavator transport trailer with three axles and a 60-ton load capacity.

Customers are pleased with all varieties of SUNSKY semi-trailers, and we are still receiving new orders for flatbed semi-trailers, superlink trailers, railing semi-trailers, fuel tank semi-trailers, etc. Please get in touch with us for the most recent quote and consultation.

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