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Mafi trailer,roll trailer
Mafi trailer,roll trailer Mafi trailer,roll trailer Mafi trailer,roll trailer

40 FT 50 Tons Roll Trailer For Port Transport

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Item: 40 FT 50 Tons Roll Trailer For Port Transport

Application of Mafi Trailer

Roller trailer/Mafi trailer is designed for use in stevedoring and transporting of 1x40ft or 2x20ft ISO cargo containers or loose cargo or big non knocked-down goods on Ro-Ro vessels or within terminal.

Introduction of Mafi Trailer | Roll Trailer

The roll trailer (Flatbed Semi-Trailer) is a dolly platform that requires towing by a powered vehicle. It is commonly used for the transport of heavy static goods and materials in the maritime shipping industry.  Roll trailers are similar to shipping flat racks containers; however, they have a set of rear wheels.

Roll trailers are a common equipment used in ports and on board of roll-on/roll-off ships, to facilitate the shipping of unmovable commodities from one port to another.

Standard lengths of roll trailers are 20, 40 and 62 feet (6.1, 12.2 and 18.9 m), in line with twenty-foot equivalent unit shipping containers, but can also be found in lengths of 30 and 80 feet (9.1 and 24.4 m).

The standard payload of roll trailers is 80 or 100 tons, and the tare of the trailer varies from 7 to 10 tons.

The trailer has a steel structure and a hard wood surface, plus a front pocket for towing by tugmaster gooseneck, and side handles for applying lashing hooks.

Specification of 40FT Mafi Trailer

1. Dimension:
Overall length: 12,680mm,including 280mm for safty hook.
Platform length:12,350mm

Platform width:2,550mm

2. Running Gear:
2 rock arms lowered box construction
4 axles 140x140,∮100//80mm
Taper roller bearings 30216-8pcs,32020-8pcs

8 steel reinforced solid rubber tires 22×16"×16"-SM

Rims: 16"X16" *8

3. Frame:
Material: high strength low alloy steel with 350mpa yield strength is used for hot
rolled I-beam and fabricated parts.
Main Beams: 512mm deepx200mm widex8mm web hot rolled I –section main beams.
Fork Lift Pocket: two reinforced box profile fork lift tunnels.
Decking Floor:

50mm thickness wooden plate.

4. Others:

Stanchion pockets: 6pcs 110mmx55mm on each side beam.Lashing points: Lashing rail along side beam, 2+2 lashing points on rear panel

Others: as per factory standard specifications


Subject : 40 FT 50 Tons Roll Trailer For Port Transport

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