45000L Fuel Tanker Trailer manufacturer
45000L Fuel Tanker Trailer manufacturer 45000L Fuel Tanker Trailer manufacturer

45,000L 3-axle Palm Oil Tanker Semi-trailer

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Palm oil tank semi-trailer is a cargo semi-trailer specially designed and manufactured for transporting palm oil or other liquid edible oil products. It has a special tank structure and materials to ensure safe, hygienic and efficient oil transportation.

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Tanker truck for palm oil transport parameter
Feature: Carry Palm oil,liquid molasses etc.
Dimension(L*W*H): Approx. 11500*2500*3850mm(45,000L)
Model XMS9450GRY
Material: Carbon Steel
Compartment: 1
Capacity(kgs): 45,000L
Tare weight(kgs): 10,500kgs
Kingpin:Bolt-in 2” or 3.5”
Landing gear :Two-speed manual operation 19”
Tire size :12R22.5(13pcs)
Rim size :9.00*22.5(13pcs)
Axle:13 Tons, 3 Axle
Leafs spring:Spring suspension with 10pcs of leafs spring
Brake system:Dual line with Re-6 emergency relay valve, T30/30 air 
chamber, 46L air tank
Manhole: Aluminum alloy ø500mm(20”) manhole with aluminum alloy cover; with breather valve;
Discharge Valve:10inch discharge valve with cover
Foot Valve:Pneumatic control DN80 aluminum alloy foot valves
Pneumatic Control system:1set Pneumatic Control combined switch,1unit emergency switch
Discharge Hose:2 units 6M factory PVC hose with quick coupling on both ends
Vapor Recovery& Overfill system:Without
Fire Extinguisher Carrier:2 units at the left of rear of tanker, include 2 units 8kg dry powder type fire extinguisher inside
Electric system: One unit of 24V 7-pin ISO standard socket; with brake light, turn light, reverse light, side light, reflector, fog light; one set of 6-pin standard cable
Prime& Topcoat painting:S.A.2.5 standard sandblasting ;Zinc-rich & Polyurethane painting

Palm oil tank semi-trailer picture

Maintenance suggestions: 
1. Clean the tank regularly to ensure the hygiene and quality inside the tank. 
2. Check and maintain the sealing performance of the tank to ensure that the tanker does not leak during transportation. 
3. Regularly inspect and maintain transportation equipment, including valves, pipelines and safe loading and unloading equipment, to ensure their normal operation. 
4. Carry out regular maintenance and repair according to the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure the performance and life of the tanker.

Quality Guarantee 

1. More than 30 years experience in manufacturing semi-trailers since 1984.

2. One year warranty on the chassis of semi-trailer.

3. Spare parts support service.

4. The best brand-Wabco brand of braking system to ensure the brake performance and keep the driver safe.

5. Heavy duty design especially for the bad road condition in Africa.


Subject : 45,000L 3-axle Palm Oil Tanker Semi-trailer

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