5 Concrete mixer truck maintenance tips 2021-11-17

5 Concrete mixer truck maintenance tips

The concrete mixer trucks have been popular in the heavy equipment business for many years. It is widely employed in housing and road construction projects due to its high efficiency and ease of operation.

5 maintenance tips for concrete mixer truck fleet

Do you have a good strategy in place for technicians and fleet managers to maintain your fleet of concrete mixer trucks? Don't worry we got you covered, let's go through five of the most critical maintenance techniques for concrete mixer trucks to ensure that nothing is overlooked from your side.

1) Basics of maintenance:-

Begin by creating a written procedure for cleaning your truck at the conclusion of each day. Having a well-defined protocol for what is expected of operators in terms of routine cleaning is critical. Here are a few frequent checklist things for operating, such as unloading and cleaning trucks every day:

Check to see if your hydraulic system is working properly.

At the end of each shift, double-check that all remote controls are clean; these are the basics one should always keep in mind while maintaining the concrete mixer truck.

2) Maintenance classes:-

There are many maintenance lessons for concrete mixer trucks available these days.

Having service technicians attend concrete truck mixer maintenance classes is one of the finest methods to educate your people with basic fleet maintenance. These full-day maintenance programs can assist teach your employees on a range of important topics, such as:


Components of electricity


Control systems for drums and chutes

3) Install washout system:-

Installing a washout system is another item that many mixer truck owners use to make washouts easier. This assures you to clean the whole collector, drip ring, chute, and drum. It's a good step to add to your process to ensure your trucks stay clean and maintained as long as you keep this type of system and dispose of washouts correctly. This is one of those characteristics that can make things easier for drivers during post-trip inspections and get your drivers out on the road faster and safer.

4) Radiator maintenance:-

We often overlook the radiator maintenance, but to ensure a long life for concrete trucks make sure to check the radiator fan every day, every week, clean the surface of the blades with an air gun to ensure the radiator's regular performance.

In most cases, the radiator's filter cartridge is replaced after a certain amount of time. The new mixer filter cartridge should be replaced every three months.

5) Maintenance of chute:-

To ensure that the chute is clean before leaving a job site is one of the most crucial daily maintenance inspections. It's also crucial to inform your staff that this should be completed before returning to the highway to avoid any potential safety hazards for drivers. You should have a defined protocol in place for how to do this, including where to rinse off on the Jobsite where your staff is working because there are penalties for contaminating storm drains in many jurisdictions, so make sure that the drivers follow the right protocols each time they rinse the chute.

Always remember to give it a regular check. It's a good idea to inspect your concrete mixer on a regular basis. Before you turn it on, double-check that all of the nuts and bolts are in place. This precaution will help to secure your safety in addition to preventing harm to your machine. If you find any components that need to be fixed, do so as soon as possible.
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