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6×2 20 cbm sprinkler truck manufacturer
6×2 20 cbm sprinkler truck manufacturer 6×2 20 cbm sprinkler truck manufacturer 6×2 20 cbm sprinkler truck manufacturer 6×2 20 cbm sprinkler truck manufacturer

6×2 20 cbm sprinkler truck manufacturer from China

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The basic composition of dongfeng sprinkler: rust-protection tank body, force extractor, transmission shaft, special self-priming sprinkler pump, pipe network, spray outlet, working platform, type II chassis.

Sprinkler optional configuration: GPS, universal sprinkler, electromagnetic valve, pneumatic valve, visual operating system, external power, drug tray.

6×2 20 cbm sprinkler truck sprinkling water pump adopts external mixing type self-priming structure, there should be an appropriate amount of liquid in the pump. After the pump is started, the impeller rotates and negative pressure is formed at the inlet of the impeller. The gas in the suction pipeline is mixed with the liquid in the pump and enters the gas-liquid separation chamber through the pressure outlet chamber. Due to the difference in specific gravity of the gas-liquid, the gas is separated from the liquid and discharged from the outlet pipe. The liquid sinks in the gas-liquid separation chamber and circulates for many times until the gas in the suction pipe is discharged cleanly and filled with liquid. The self-priming process is completed and the pump starts the normal infusion.
Sprinkling pump can play the function of water absorption and pressure drainage, self-priming pump can directly suck the water from the pond into the tank body, or directly connect the fire hydrant from the city street to fill with water, and suck into the tank body for sprinkling.






Model: ZZ1257N4641W

Driving type: 6x4

Made year: 2019 brand new, produce according to order

Cab: HW76, with one sleeper, double seats, with A/C, with high steel metal bumper

Engine: WD615.69, 336HP, Euro II emission standard

Transmission: HW19710 (10 forwards and 2 reverses, manual)


Front axle: HF9 (9000Kg) (drum)

Rear axle: HC16 (2x16000Kg) (i=4.8) (drum)

Suspension: Enhanced version of multiple-leaf spring (Front 10 pieces, Rear12 pieces)

Tires: 12.00R20, tube, with one spare tyre

Fuel tank: 400L

Steering: RHD, German ZF8098 power steering , hydraulic steering with power assistance, ratio: 22.2-26.2

Overall Measurements:10200x2550x3300mm

Tank Volume: 20 Cubic meters, with pump, with front/rear sprinkler and rear spraying cannon, with rear working platform

Color: Yellow (optional)


Subject : 6×2 20 cbm sprinkler truck manufacturer from China

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