A Brief Overview on Aluminum Tanker Trailers and Its Advantages 2022-06-08

Aluminum tanker trailers are of great benefit as we are known to have a long history of aluminum usage in automobiles. Aluminum had been widely used in automobiles by the 1960s.

Today, carbon steel tank cars have been largely phased out in China, Europe, the United States, Australia, Germany, and many other developed countries in favor of aluminum alloy tank cars.

Carbon steel canned gasoline, diesel oil corrosion, easy to rust, resulting in oil pollution, which then leads to early wear and tear of the vehicle engine, greatly reducing the engine's service life.

The use of aluminum alloy oil tankers not only reduces vehicle weight and improves transportation efficiency, but also extends the service life of the tank by 5-10 years when compared to carbon steel tanks. The profit generated over the entire life cycle is significant.

Why did we choose aluminum for our tanker trailers?

Aluminum alloy density is low, girder extrusion molding has a large section, and it has high strength. It is more than 4 tones lighter than a comparable carbon steel tank truck and 20% larger than a carbon steel tank truck. Because the aluminum alloy tank is lighter than the carbon steel tank truck, it consumes less fuel and wears fewer tires during transportation, lowering daily operating and maintenance costs. The same amount of cargo can be transported several times less by reducing the vehicle's body weight and increasing the payload.

What are the possible benefits of using an aluminum tanker trailer?

  • Lightweight

Since aluminum alloy density is small, and it has a large section beam extrusion molding, along with high strength so it is lighter than a similar steel tank truck by more than 4 tones, and 20% lighter than a steel tank truck. Because aluminum alloy tank trailer weight is lighter than steel tank trailer weight, it reduces fuel consumption and tyre wear during transportation, lowering daily operating and maintenance costs. The payload is increased by reducing the vehicle's body weight, and the same amount of trailergo can be transported in fewer shifts.

  • Corrosion-resistant

Strong corrosion resistance and improved service life of aluminum alloy and acetone, benzene, gasoline and diesel oil, kerosene, acetic acid, and most chemical media and food has good compatibility, the transport range is wider than the cross; low maintenance costs, cannot do anti-corrosion aspects of the surface metal treatment, the body scratch will not rust, durable appearance, easy to clean. The typical service life of an aluminum alloy tank trailer is 15-20 years.

  • Ductility and safety

Its improved ductility, safety, and elimination of hidden dangers tanker body is made of aluminum alloy profile, with a high extension rate and strength. Because oil products are flammable and explosive dangerous goods, safety is an important factor to consider when purchasing a tank trailer .

The oil easily produces thermal expansion and contraction in extreme cold or extreme heat, and ordinary tank trailer ductility is poor in this environment, making it easy to explode. The use of aluminum alloy tanks greatly improves safety.

  • Recyclable

The high recovery Aluminum has a very high recovery value; according to the current price of aluminum in the international market, a tank made of 5T finished aluminum, to the scrappage of the tank trailer, only the tank recovery is about 80,000 YUAN. This effectively reduces the enterprise's operating costs.

Concluding thoughts

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