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Aluminium trailer will be the future trend 2017-11-03
At present, the number of heavy trucks in China has over 3 million,and over 10 million in the world.The exhaust gas emissions of such large amount trucks is becoming the source of air pollution.Resource consumption and environmental pollution have become a global

The portability of aluminum can reduce the tare weight of trailers.The relevant logistics company calculates shows that:As operate 150,000 kilometers per year for example,the aluminum trailer take advantage of portability can make more benefit about Usd 23,000-Usd 28,000.

Although the cost of aluminum trailer will be higher than traditional steel trailer,it can recovery cost after 1-2 years.And the lifespan usually in 15-20 years but the steel trailer only 7-9 years.Also the recovery value of aluminum trailer is higher than steel after scrap.

The aluminum trailer is not a fangle,but it occupies a lesser market shares,and not ubiquitous.But the logistics industry and trailer manufacturer industry both thinks:The lighter aluminum trailer must take the places of the steel trailer in the future.