Basic Knowledge of Tank Trailers 2022-06-08

A tanker trailer is a special-purpose trailer with a tank-like body. It is specially used for loading liquids, liquefied gases, etc. There are also a few tankers used to transport powdered goods. Tanker trailers can be divided into light oil tanker trailers , viscous oil tanker trailers , asphalt tanker trailers , edible oil tanker trailers , water tanker trailers , chemical tanker trailers , liquefied gas tanker trailers and powder cargo tanker trailers, etc. Tanker trailers can also be divided into air-packed and non-air-packed tanker trailers , bottom-frame and bottom-less tanker trailers , top-down and bottom-down tanker trailers according to their structural characteristics.

fuel tank trailer

fuel tank trailer

The carrying capacity of a tanker trailers used to refer to the weight when filling water, that is, the marked weight. The carrying capacity of 50t means that the volume of the tanker trailers is 50m³. The current marked load is calculated based on the specific gravity of the oil, acid and alkali that are actually shipped. Due to the different densities of various liquids, the actual load of a tanker trailers must be determined according to the nature of the goods to be transported, so it is more appropriate to measure the loading capacity of a tanker by volume. The weight of the liquid in the tank is measured by measuring the height of the liquid level in the tank, and then according to the volume of the tank to check the weight of the liquid contained in the tank. For each specification of tanker trailers , there is a volume conversion table-capacity calculation table . The marking symbol on the tank body of the tanker trailers is "G".

cement tanker trailer

cement tanker trailer

The freight of the tanker trailers is determined according to the kilometers of the customer's location and the horsepower of the vehicle. The farther the kilometers are, the higher the freight will be. A tanker trailers is a tank-shaped transport vehicle used to transport various liquids, liquefied gases and powdered goods.

Tank trucks are mainly used for transportation medium: suitable for transporting gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, vegetable oil, edible oil, heavy oil, coal tar and non-petroleum products such as alcohol, aldehyde, benzene, ether and other liquid substances.

The tank body of the fuel tanker trailers is made of high-quality 4-6mm thick carbon steel national standard plate, which can be carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, pure aluminum can, lined with rubber, rotomolding, plastic tank glass, glass fiber reinforced plastic tank.

acid tanker trailer

acid tanker trailer


1. There should be measures to eliminate static electricity and fire, and a static elimination device should be installed at the tail of the tank.

2. There should be a reliable grounding device and a protection device for the fuel tank truck and the liquid receiving equipment to form a static conduction path during operation.

3. Note that there should be electrostatic conductive sheets between two points of the metal pipeline and the connection between the pipeline and the tank body, the chassis and the tank body, between any two points of the pipeline or any point to the grounding or the internal static conductive parts of the tank body. The path resistance from one point to the two ends of the hose at the ground should meet the requirements of GJB406 (that is, not greater than 50Ω).

4. The connection between electrical components and conductors should be reliable, with good shielding and explosion-proof measures.

5. Both sides of the tank should have eye-catching words to prevent fire (such as no smoking) or other obvious signs.

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