How did China heavy trucks conquer overseas markets? 2022-06-08

In 2021, the sales volume of heavy trucks in China will be 1.39 million, a year-on-year decrease of 14.1%. On the contrary, the export of Chinaheavy-duty trucks will soar by 104% year-on-year. Chinaheavy trucks seem to be in a situation of "flowering inside the wall and fragrance outside the wall", especially in Africa, Southeast Asia and other places, China heavy trucks are among the best in the local market. Today, let's talk about how China's heavy trucks are "scented outside the wall".

The export road of China trucks

my country's first export of trucks can be traced back to 1957, when a Jordanian company ordered three Jiefang CA360s, becoming the first foreign customer of my country's China trucks. However, the export of China trucks really started to develop in 2001, after China joined the WTO. Since 2002, the export awareness of China heavy truck enterprises has been promoted, and overseas business departments have been established one after another, focusing on foreign markets.

In 2013, after my country proposed the construction of the "One Belt One Road", the trade relations with Asia-Pacific, Africa and other regions have increased rapidly, and various infrastructure projects in China have also been launched rapidly in these regions, accelerating the construction of engineering vehicles, mixer trucks, dump trucks, etc. Heavy truck exports, according to data released by the media, in 2019, the sales of China heavy trucks exported to Asia-Pacific and Africa accounted for more than 70% of the total export volume.

Pioneering Pioneers on the Belt and Road

Southeast Asia and Africa are the first sectors on the One Belt, One Roadblueprint, and they are also the first markets where China heavy trucks go abroad to achieve phased success. Countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the Philippines can see the presence of Chinese trucks. The large number of Chinese doing business in Southeast Asia, the geographical environment similar to southern China, as well as the aid program in Africa and various local infrastructure projects in China have provided more opportunities for China trucks to be sold to these regions.

Compared with Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea, Africa lacks resources and relatively backward technology. It pays more attention to the adaptability of oil products and overall reliability of vehicles. These are the advantages and experiences accumulated by China's truck manufacturing over the years, which are very suitable for the needs of the local market. For the Southeast Asian market with relatively good economy, the intelligent and high-end development of China's heavy trucks in recent years has become a powerful weapon in this market.

Excellent strength "fragrance outside the wall"

Over the years in the overseas market, the performance of China heavy trucks in various countries is also remarkable. The China-Laos Railway, which opened to traffic in December last year, shocked the world. The railway needs to pass through two virgin rainforests and cross the earthquake zone of 7 degrees. It is dominated by mountains and hills. It is one of the most difficult railways to build in the world. The China heavy-duty trucks, led by construction vehicles, have accompanied the construction of the China-Laos Railway for more than 10 years by virtue of the advantages of large axle load and strong flexibility, and have made great contributions to this difficult project.

China heavy trucks have also become military vehicles in some countries by virtue of their excellent quality and excellent technical performance. In June 2020, Hongyan, a Chinese national heavy truck brand, delivered 290 military trucks to Cambodia. In November of the same year, many areas in Cambodia were attacked by flash floods. These Chinese military transport vehicles, which had been delivered for less than half a year, took the lead and moved day and night in the flooded disaster area, wading through the water to deliver food to the victims, and successfully completed the disaster relief mission.

Some drivers will yearn for the advanced functions and cool appearance of European and American heavy trucks. In fact, the low-key and practical Chinese heavy trucks are not inferior to all kinds of difficult operations. In my opinion, Chinese trucks with both quality and cost-effective advantages will be able to compete with the so-called European and American heavy trucks in the future.

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