Common faults and troubleshooting methods of trailer braking system May,17 2024
Here are the revised troubleshooting methods for the trailer braking system:

1. Issue: Distribution valve piston leakage
- Cause: When the brake pedal is pressed, a large amount of compressed air leaks from the trailer control valve, causing the trailer gas storage cylinder to lose its braking effect.
- Solution: Remove the distribution valve for inspection and replace it if worn or broken.

2. Issue: Ineffective trailer brake
- Cause: The pressure adjustment screw of the trailer control valve is too loose, resulting in low pressure in the trailer gas storage cylinder or blockage and air leakage in the pipeline.
- Solution: First, check if the compressed air pressure in the trailer gas reservoir meets the standard, then inspect and fix any blockage or leakage in the pipeline.

3. Issue: Trailer brake biting
- Cause: The trailer control valve adjusting screw is too tight, leading to high pressure in the trailer gas reservoir. Excessive use of the main car's brakes and other pneumatic equipment can cause the trailer brakes to wear out quickly.
- Solution: Make correct adjustments in time and check for air leakage in the intake valve of the distribution valve.

4. Issue: Slow trailer brake response
- Cause: Delayed trailer braking leading to extended braking distance.
- Solution: Adjust the trailer control valve and distribution valve timely and clear any blockage in the pipeline.
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