five things to look for when buying a used truck Apr,02 2022

Truck drivers depend heavily on their trucks or long-haul drivers, it can be their home away from home.

Many people bring a trusted mechanic or colleague to do the inspection for them. An experienced truck owner or driver can recognize the signs of a well-maintained truck and one that has been driven long and hard without any proper maintenance.

If you are a new driver of tractor,dump truck or mixer truck.And you would like to become an owner/operator, a contractor needing to haul heavy equipment back and forth from job sites or a farmer wanting to haul livestock, you'll most likely need to buy a truck tractor. Whether you're looking for trucks, take some advice from the experts and inspect these five items before you bid:

1.Axle configuration, horsepower and capacity

Check the truck's axle configuration and transportation regulations for your area. Make sure you are buying the right axle configuration (4x2, 4x4, 6x4, etc) for what you all be carrying. Consider the terrain and type of driving you all be doing. Will you be hauling loads over hilly terrain for long distances or making short trips within the city to deliver goods?

Select a truck tractor that has the right amount of horsepower for the type of tasks and trips you all be doing. Ask yourself how much capacity you'll need. If you are buying a truck tractor to pull your excavator around town, check the weight of your trailer and your excavator to determine the right capacity for the job.SUNSKY VEHICLE is a good source for that type of information.We can provide you with flatbed Semi Trailers, lowbed trailers,tanker trailers and other products.


The engine can give you a lot of information about a truck. Pull the hood and look for any signs of leaks. A leak means the engine may need some repair, perhaps not a costly repair, but a repair nonetheless. Start up the engine; let it run for a few minutes. As the engine gets warm, you should notice no smoke at all coming from the exhaust. If there is smoke and it is blue or white in colour, it could be a sign that the engine is burning oil.

Listen for any knocks coming from the engine. A knocking sound is a good indicator that the engine should be looked at more closely. While you are inspecting the engine, check the engine sticker to find out if the engine meets the latest emission standards e.g.


Step inside the cab and look at the overall condition of the interior. Is the amount of wear reasonable for the truck tractor's age? Check the odometer and make a note of the mileage. For a car, anything approaching 300K might be a sign that it’s time to think about a replacement, but for an over-the-road truck, mileage is not as important as the truck's overall condition. If the odometer reads in the range of 400-500K, take a closer look at the engine. It might be time for an out-of-frame or less expensive in-frame overhaul to ensure the truck tractor continues to run for many more years.

4.Maintenance Logs

If you suspect the engine has already undergone an overhaul, check the truck's maintenance records. Look for any engine work that may have already been done and for other major repairs. The maintenance record should give you a good idea of how well the truck was looked after, in addition to letting you know if the oil was changed on a regular basis. Most mechanics and/or operators will mark the last mileage date of an oil change on the air filter. Check to see if this date coincides with the maintenance records.

5.Brake Pads

A truck with worn brake pads may still be a good investment. Replacing brake pads is a relatively inexpensive repair, and something you should take care of as soon as possible. Safety comes first.

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