Flatbed trailers - transport containers or bulk cargo Mar,17 2022
Flatbed trailers (Also called flat deck trailers, High bed Trailers) are designed to carry container or bulk cargo between terminals and end users.
Flatbed trailer is logistics equipment which mainly made of steel chassis frame. It also included a walking system (Axle, Suspension, tire etc.), Lighting system, electric system, brake system and other spare parts (like container locks etc.)
The flatbed
trailer can be a very useful tool which is used in the worldwide shipping industry.
Normally, Flatbed trailer have an optional length from 20FT to 53 FT (Which used most is 40 FT).It can be used to handle different kinds of loads which have different capabilities and usefulness for various applications:
1. Transport different size container (20/40/45 FT Container)
2. Bulk cargo (cement bags, steel, coal etc.)

3. Log, Wood, Timber

When you consider ordering a flatbed trailer, it is very important for you to know about the basic specification. It can help you to choose the suitable flatbed trailer for your transport business. It is also very important to know more about the local road regulation and laws, (like the regulation in payload, tare weight, dimension etc.)So it can ensure your operation can be developed successfully.

Flatbed trailers

50 Tons 40FT Flatbed Trailer With Spring suspension and Double Tires 12R22.5

Flatbed trailers

40 Ton Tri Axle Flatbed Trailer With Airbag suspension and Super Single Tires 385/65R22.5
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