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How Can I Begin to Drive a Trailer Truck More Efficiently? Jun,08 2022

Chinese trucks are most popular in Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other countries where Chinese trucks are common; in Vietnam, the share of Chinese trucks have even reached 50%. Trucks are also popular in Africa, where 300,000 units are in demand.

The ongoing development of domestic trucks has brought Chinese brands to the fore. African truck drivers adore dump trucks, particularly used truck tractors, as well as Chinese trucks. Used tractors are also popular in Africa. In Africa, there is a high demand for trucks. Trucks, after all, are a mode of transportation, a large vehicle that facilitates travel.

The logistics industry is propelled by large trucks, which are critical to the national economy and people's livelihoods. The current logistics industry, as we all know, is in disarray, owing to low freight and high costs. Tolls and fuel costs account for the vast majority of large trucks' daily consumption.

The toll is a one-time cost that cannot be reduced, whereas fuel costs can be reduced through technological advancements and improved operating habits. Here's how to get the most out of your big rig.

Great driving habits can reduce vehicle failures, extend vehicle service life, maximize vehicle operating benefits, and reduce fuel consumption, allowing every drop of fuel to be used efficiently and achieving greater energy efficiency.

Check out these incredible ways to cut your trailer truck's fuel consumption:

Make sure your tyres are properly inflated

The rolling resistance of the tyres is increased when the tyre pressure is too low, resulting in increased fuel consumption. The tyre pressure should be higher than the standard value because large trucks are now overloaded. Acceleration and a smooth start are two things that come to mind when thinking about this

When the truck is ready to drive, it must first check the local traffic conditions. In addition to checking the mirrors, the vehicle's blind area must pay close attention to confirm the safety of the left and right sides, as well as grasp the acceleration timing.

Changing gears properly and on time

In general, large truck engines have a wide range of maximum torque output and good low-speed torque. When the torque output is high, the speed ranges from 1000rpm to 1400rpm, and when the torque output is low, the speed ranges from 1100rpm to 1300rpm. As a result, low-speed, high-load is the best-turbocharged diesel engine operating mode. We pay attention to the throttle control and gearbox gear while driving; if we can keep the engine tachometer pointer in the green range, we can save more gas.

Maintain a reasonable driving speed

Large trucks should travel at a speed of 40-60 km/h for economic reasons, and 80-100 km/h on the highway is ideal. The gearbox should be of the highest quality at this point, and the engine tachometer indicator should be green. Maintain a more fuel-efficient uniform driving speed under the premise of safety.

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