INSURANCE CLAIMS PROCESS For SUNSKY Semi-trailer and Truck Dec,07 2023
SUNSKY VEHICLE focuses on semi-trailers, tanker trailers, flatbed trailers, dump trailers, etc., We have 30 years of production experience. 2, 3 and 4 axles with different capacities and weights. Semi-trailers are customized according to customer needs.

Notice! Very important! All the semi-trailers, trucks or other cargoes you bought from SUNSKY VEHICLE have been Insured. If you or your agent find any damage or parts loss at the port, kindly contact the insurance company for survey immediately! Please do not pick up the cargoes and leave the port before the insurance company surveys them !

1.When you or your agent received the semi-trailers or other cargoes and find the vehicle damage or parts loss may result in a claim, please give the notification to the insurance company or agent immediately! 
2.Ask the port for discharge report and cargo damage photos!
3.Take some photos of cargo damage or loss yourself !
4.After the insurance company finished the survey, get their approval before picking up the cargo and leaving the port
5.We will assist you to follow on the claims process, if the compensation amount does not meet the insurance company’s minimum deductible, we will also be responsible for your cargo damage or loss.

Any questions about semi-trailer and truck products feel free to consult us, welcome your inquiry.
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