3 axles flatbed trailer
3 axles flatbed trailer 3 axles flatbed trailer

Flatbed Cargo Trailer

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This is the second order from a Tanzanian customer, the first time to buy a flatbed semi-trailer from us for transporting bulk cargo and containers, this time after seeing our new design on the social media platform for a week full hanging, so we added a bold design of a full axle on the flatbed. It not only has a variety of uses, but also increases the load and improves the efficiency of cargo transportation.

40FT Flatbed semitrailer
Feature: Carry 1X20FT 、1X40FT 、or 2X20FT container
Dimension(L*W*H): 12420*2480*1570mm
Main frame: Heavy duty and extra durability design; Opting for high tensible low carbon alloy Q345B steel; I beam welded by automotive arc-submerge process; Thicken the middle of the chassis
Model: SS9380TJZP
No. of axle: 3
Payload(kgs): 40000
Tare weight(kgs): 7000
Kingpin: Bolt-in type 3.5” or 2”
Landing gear: Two-speed manual operation 19”
Tire size: 315/80R22.5 (13 sets)
Rim size: 9.00*22.5(13 sets)
Axle: Fuwa axle, 13 Tons
Suspension:Airbag suspension
Brake system: Dual line with Re-6 emergency relay valve, T30/30 air
chamber, 46L air tank, with WABCO ABS
Electric system: One unit of 24V 7-pin ISO standard socket; with brake light, turn  light, reverse  light,  side  light,  reflector,  fog light; one set of 6-pin standard cable
Container locks:12(for 1x20GP,2X20GP,1X40HQ), 20FT container locks move forward
Painting: Two  coat  of  anti-corrosion  prime;  one  coat  of  finish painting
Accessory: One  tool  box;  one  set  of  standard  tool;  one   1,200L reserve  tank  (4mm  thick);  one  100L  aluminium  water tank; one fuel hose;
Color: Light green RAL6027; Black chassis
Others: Anti-cursor covering the whole body; With a fuel tank cap lock; Add tires mudguard

One axle dangler trailer with headboard
Feature: Carry Bulk cargo
Dimension(L*W*H): 5360*2500*2000mm
Main frame: Heavy  duty  and   extra  durability  design;   Opting  for  high tensible  low  carbon  alloy  Q345B  steel;  I  beam  welded  by automotive arc-submerge process
Model: XMS9380FT
No. of axle: 1
Payload(kgs): 10000
Tare weight(kgs): 2400
Landing gear: 19”
Tire size: 315/80R22.5 (4 Sets)
Rim size: 9.00*22.5 (4 Sets)
Axle: FUWA brand 13T
Suspension:Airbag suspension
Brake system: Dual  line  with  Re-6  emergency  relay  valve,  T30/30  air chamber, 46L air tank
Electric system: 24V 7-pin ISO standard socket; with brake light, turn light, reverse light, side light, reflector, fog light; one set of 6-pin standard cable
Hook:With hook on the front of trailer
Painting: Two coat of anti-corrosion prime; one coat of finish painting, Color optional

Flatbed Logistics Trailer Tire Care:
Proper tire maintenance is crucial for safe and efficient operation of a flatbed logistics semi-trailer. Follow these tips to care for the tires:
Tire Pressure: Monitor and maintain the recommended tire pressure regularly. Improper tire pressure can lead to reduced fuel efficiency, tire wear, and handling issues. Adjust the pressure as needed.
Tire Inspection: Routinely inspect the tires for signs of wear, cuts, bulges, or punctures. Replace damaged or excessively worn tires promptly to prevent blowouts or loss of control.
Tire Rotation: Implement regular tire rotation to ensure even wear across all tires. This practice helps extend tire lifespan and maintains balanced performance.
Wheel Alignment: Check the wheel alignment periodically to ensure proper tracking and even tire wear. Misaligned wheels can decrease fuel efficiency and cause irregular tire wear.
Load Distribution: Properly distribute the cargo on the trailer to prevent overloading specific tires. Uneven load distribution can lead to tire damage and compromise safety. Use load securing techniques to maintain stability during transportation.

Maintaining and caring for a flatbed logistics semi-trailer is crucial for optimal performance, longevity, and safety. Regular inspections, lubrication, cleaning, and electrical system maintenance are vital for overall product maintenance. Additionally, tire care, including proper tire pressure, regular inspections, tire rotation, wheel alignment, and balanced load distribution, is essential for ensuring safe and efficient operations. By following these practices, you can maximize the lifespan of their flatbed logistics semi-trailer and ensure the secure transportation of various types of cargo.


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