• 3 axles flatbed trailer Flatbed Semi Trailer 40ft For Sale
    The application of 40-foot flatbed trailer is widely used in 40-foot containers and bulk cargo transportation, such as steel coils, steel plates, agricultural products, various pallets and bagged goods, etc. 40FT Flatbed semi trailer parameter Feature: Carry 1X20FT, 1X40FT, or 2X20FT container Dimension(L*W*H): 12420*2480*1570mm Main frame: Heavy d1
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  • 3 axles flatbed trailer 3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer
    3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailers are commonly used to transport a variety of bulk cargo and containers, 40 ft Container Flatbed Semi Trailers can transport 1 x 40 ft or 2 x 20 ft containers.  Each tri-axle trailer for sale has its own load rating, dimensions, and other configurations required for use. These specifications are useful in helping you1

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  • 3 axles flatbed trailer Flatbed Bulk Cargo Trailer
    Flatbed semi-trailer is a kind of cargo vehicle, which is designed with a flatbed structure and has no restrictions on fences or side panels. It has the characteristics of strong carrying capacity, convenient loading and unloading, and wide adaptability. Flatbed semi-trailers are typically used to transport various types and sizes of goods, includi1

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