Frequently Asked Questions About Semi Trailer Trucks 2023-08-24
What should I do if my truck's suspension starts to fail due to heavy loads?
If your truck's suspension starts to fail due to being overloaded, you should immediately reduce the load and have the truck inspected by a qualified mechanic.

How to calculate the total weight of goods and load it on the truck trailer?
Loaded weight = total weight of cargo weight + trailer weight. In most countries, body weight is measured in kilograms.

Are there any special precautions that need to be taken when loading cargo on a truck flatbed trailer?
There are no special precautions for trailer loading, but it is always important to follow all traffic laws and safety guidelines when transporting cargo.

What license do I need to drive a flatbed semi-trailer?
Flatbed semi-trailers require a Class A commercial driver's license. Most trailers are specifically designed for Class A.

How Much Weight Can a Flatbed Trailer Carry?
Flatbed trailers can usually carry a weight of 50,000kg.

What are the benefits of flatbed truck shipping?
Advantages of flatbed trucking include increased payload capacity, greater stability, and improved fuel efficiency. Flatbed trucks are also generally easier to operate and maintain, making them the first choice for hauling heavy loads.
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