HOWO logging truck
HOWO logging truck HOWO logging truck

SINOTRUK HOWO 8X4 Logging Truck

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Product Item: SINOTRUK HOWO 8X4  Logging Truck

Introduction of logging truck

Sinotruck HOWO logging truck is used  for transport forest logs, wood, timber, Long pipe fittings etc. It is suitable used in long-distance highway transport and bad road condition.
The HOWO logging truck use advanced and mature SINOTRUK HOWO chassis technology. ensure the performance and safety driving.
The driving type of logging truck have 6x4 type and 8x4 type.
The HOWO logging trucks already exported to many countries in Asia,Africa, south america like Gabon,Suriname,malaysia etc. and get good feedback from clients.

The HOWO logging trucks have advantags as below:
1. Strong power engine
2. Excellent adaptation on different road condition
3. Reasonable design on trailer part and Turntable.
4. Heavy duty desin,large payload, carry more logs of wood.

Driving type: RIGHT HAND DRIVE,8X4
Model:  ZZ1317N4667W
Wheelbase: 1800+4600+1350 mm
Front/Rear Overhang: 1500/2445mm
Made Year: 2020, brand new, produced according to order
Loading Capacity: 30000kg
Cabin: HW76, long cabin, with single sleeper, with air conditioner, with high position steel metal front bumper
Engine: WD615.47, 371hp, Euro II
Gearbox: HW19710, manual, 10 F & 2 R
Front axle: HF9, 2X9000kg, drum brake
Rear axle: HC16, 2X16000kg, drum brake, Ratio: 4.8 /5.73
Suspension: reinforced leaf springs, front /rear 11/11/12 pcs
Tires: 12.00R20, tube, 13 pcs (including one spare tire), TR691, block pattern
Fuel tank: 400L, with locking cap
Without ABS
Steering: ZF brand, hydraulic operation with power assistance
Body: 9100X2300mm, 4 sets U shape frames, with front cabin- protection fender plate
Overall Measurements: 11700x2550x3200mm
Color: White (option: Yellow, Red, Blue)

Detail Photo of Sinotruk logging truck

details of HOWO 8X4 logging truck

details of HOWO 8X4 logging truck


Subject : SINOTRUK HOWO 8X4 Logging Truck

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