Sunsky successfully exported one HOWO 20,000L water tanker and three flatbed semi-trailers to Mali 2024-03-14
Sunsky recently successfully exported a HOWO 20,000L water tanker and three flatbed semi-trailers to Mali, providing important support for infrastructure development and cargo transportation in Mali.

This export case marks Sunsky's further expansion in the international market, proving the company's excellent reputation in the heavy-duty vehicle industry and the popularity of high-quality products. Behind the success of this transaction, Sunsky's professional team and excellent manufacturing capabilities are indispensable.  

First of all, the export of a HOWO 20,000L water tanker will play an important role in the infrastructure development of Mali. Featuring HOWO's leading technology and design, this water tanker features a high-strength steel tank to ensure durability and reliability. Its large-capacity water tanks can meet a wide range of water needs, such as construction sites, agricultural irrigation, and urban fire protection.

A flatbed semi-trailer is a versatile truck trailer that is suitable for transporting a variety of large cargo, such as machinery and equipment, building materials, and containers. These flatbed semi-trailers have a high-strength steel structure and a stable chassis design with excellent load capacity and safety performance.

Sunsky is committed to providing high-quality products and professional services to customers around the world, expanding its presence in the international market, and providing high-quality heavy-duty vehicle solutions to customers around the world. Their successful export stories have made a positive contribution to infrastructure construction and logistics industries around the world.

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