What is the benchmark of container transport semi-trailer? 2022-07-22

The container transport semi-trailer (hereinafter referred to as the skeleton trailer) seems to have a simple structure, but it actually contains a mystery. As we all know, logistics and transportation have poor stability and strong dynamics. The logistics system connects multiple production enterprises or users, and the transported goods are not the same, and the specifications and sizes of the goods carried are different. A good skeleton trailer not only needs to be customized to meet the needs of users, but also needs to be improved in terms of weight and load-bearing to perfectly meet the strict household standards. 

Based on the pain points of container transport semi-trailers, SUNSKY has developed this new generation of container transport semi-trailers (hereinafter referred to as SUNSKY new-generation skeleton trailers), which are professionally customized, light-weight and high-load, and easy to use.


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Professional customization to meet user needs

"The container transport semi-trailer carries a box of dozens of tons of heavy goods. Once it slips or rolls over from the skeleton truck, it will bring immeasurable losses to personal safety and property safety. Therefore, the development of container fixing devices must be carried out more efforts." said Mr.edwin, Chairman of SUNSKY.

The words of Mr.edwin immediately made the SUNSKY technical team act and invest in the research of the fixing device of the skeleton trailer. They analyzed the force position, compared various materials, and finally developed a new type of skeleton vehicle container fixing device, and submitted a patent application to the State Intellectual Property Office. 

In addition to patents, SUNSKY new-generation skeleton trailers can be customized according to user needs. Containers have different uses, and their structures and specifications naturally vary widely. Although containers are now standardized, there are still many subdivisions in terms of volume, size, and material. SUNSKY's new generation of skeleton trailers can be professionally customized according to different types of goods and different sizes of boxes. At the same time, different lock positions are designed according to the specifications of the goods, which can effectively meet the needs of users, and are safe, reliable and convenient to use.

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Reduce dead weight, super high load

In the context of weight-based charges and stricter oversights, light weight means more goods. SUNSKY's new-generation skeleton vehicle is made of high-strength materials such as Baosteel and Taigang, with strong rigidity and lower weight. In response to the problem of the opening of the frame, SUNSKY's new generation of skeleton trailer adopts the special-shaped hole design, and the opening of the web is beautiful and durable, which not only relieves the stress, but also increases the strength of the steel. 

In order to realize the lightweight of the whole vehicle, SUNSKY's new-generation skeleton trailers uses a large number of aluminum accessories. The density of steel is 7.8g/cm, while the density of aluminum is only 2.7g/cm. This means that in the same volume, the weight of aluminum is only about one-third of that of steel. The three-piece set of aviation aluminum legs, aviation aluminum toolbox and aviation aluminum guardrail is not only durable and beautiful, but also effectively reduces the weight.

"The skeleton trailer has a simple structure, long body and light weight, because there is no bottom plate, once the cargo is loaded, all the weight is borne by the beam. Under the condition of the same total weight of the vehicle and the cargo, the beam of the skeleton trailer is more than the beam of other models. Bearing more pressure. Just researching the frame of the skeleton trailer, we spent a long time." SUNSKY automotive technicians revealed.

In order to avoid the problems of steel strength reduction and quenching caused by tailor-welded beams during the welding process, SUNSKY new-generation skeleton trailers adopts integrated beams. The girders are made of high-strength steel materials such as Baosteel and Taigang with sufficient thickness, and are cut and cut by an ultra-large-format fiber laser cutting machine imported from Italy. 

In order to do a good job of double insurance, SUNSKY's new generation of skeleton trailers adopts the design of added web, and a strip-shaped web is added from the front of the outrigger to the front of the girder, which is connected by welding, and the welding seam is beautiful and uniform. The overall reinforcement of the girders relieves stress and improves the centralized cargo capacity. 

container skeleton trailer


The announcement is complete and meets the requirements of the household

Due to the particularity of the cargo carried by the skeleton trailer, there is a set of strict household registration standards, and the standards have specific requirements for the length of the body and the wheelbase. The goods pulled by users are of various types and sizes, and some manufacturers have problems such as incomplete announcements and single wheelbase, which make users inconvenient to use or difficult to log in.

SUNSKY Auto has many years of experience in trailer production, and has formed a complete set of skeleton trailer announcements. Various specifications such as wheelbase parameters and body length can be selected, which can not only meet the requirements of users, but also meet the daily use of users. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of users to pull more goods, SUNSKY's new generation of skeleton trailers can reasonably arrange the front probe box, which can not only increase economic benefits, but also meet the requirements of households.

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