What is The Use of Modular Trailers in a Variety of Industries? 2022-06-08

There are a variety of modular trailer configurations available for various utility applications. Regardless of the arrangements, all of these trailers are towed by vehicles such as tractors, cars, trucks, all-terrain vehicles, and so on.

Traditionally, modular trailers are designed to be used in a specific operation. Trailers are typically designed for towing by trucks and cars over relatively flat terrain and for on-road operations.

Other trailers will be designed to be towed by all-terrain vehicles and trucks over relatively off-road terrain and for use on rough surfaces. Furthermore, trailers are typically designed to accommodate specific cargo sizes and shapes.

Furniture, lumber, tools, gravel, and other items are commonly transported in trailers with small walls and beds. Those with large walls and beds are typically used to transport bulky or large cargo.

The Modular trailer is used in a variety of situations.

Industry of Shipbuilding

Ships and ship parts are typically massive and bulky. You can imagine how the large ships that transport goods and people across the seas are constructed.

Ships are used to transport a wide range of vehicles and equipment. Do you have any idea how the ships get to their assembly halls and then to the sea? Modular trailers are extremely useful for transporting ship sections to assembly halls and for transporting the entire ship to the sea. Ships are typically extremely large, weighing thousands of tones.

Modular trailers with more than 200 axle lines will be required for the largest ships. Axles are sometimes placed side by side to aid in the transport of long and wide loads.

Industry of Construction

Modular trailers are also used in the construction of bridges, large buildings, and roads. From the construction sites, large bridge segments and large girders are loaded onto modular trailers.

Some of these modular trailers will be connected to crane arms that resemble robotic arms. These arms transport bridge sections and massive girder sections from the transporter to the under-construction road section.

Some of the concrete beans used in construction are too heavy to load and transport on a semi-trailer. Modular trailers come in handy in this situation to aid in the transportation of construction materials and equipment. Construction firms frequently work on projects in a variety of locations.

Industry of Wind Power

Many countries around the world have embraced wind energy to aid in the conservation of the environment and natural resources. To accomplish this, very large equipment is used to facilitate the tapping of wind to generate the energy needed for transmission. These wind energy harvesting devices are most likely to be found in mountains with strong winds. Transporting them to such locations necessitates the use of stable off-road modular trailers. This application's modular trailer wheels are capable of navigating the roads all the way up.

Chemical Manufacturing

Another application for modular trailers is the transportation of large chemical tanks. When loaded with chemicals, these tanks are typically large and heavy. Handling them with semi-trailers is nearly impossible and dangerous. As a result, chemical tanks will require safe transportation, which is where modular trailers come in. To keep the chemical tanks balanced during transportation, a lot of stability, such as that provided by the modular trailer, is required.

As a result, modular trailers are primarily used in the chemical industry for safety and the bulkiness of the load while in transit. The size of the tank to be transported determines the type of modular trailer to be used.

Electrical Engineering

For the transportation of electrical transformers, power generation companies require modular trailers. The technology used to generate power is quite advanced, and it involves large equipment such as the transformers mentioned. These large transformers are used by power companies to ensure that power is distributed to all desired areas.

The majority of these power plants are located far from the assembly halls. Because each station requires a large number of transformers weighing thousands of tonnes, the use of a modular trailer is unavoidable. The weight is due to the use of heavy metals in their construction for long-term durability.

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