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Why does the cement tank keep turning? 2020-11-13

We are not strange to the cement tanker trailer, a friend is driving the cement tanker truck, usually has business with the mixing station,let's talk about the cement tanker.

Because the state prohibits making concrete in the construction site, so those concrete used to build is made in the mixing station,then transport to the construction site.

First introduced is a cement tanker trailer also known as a powder material carrier, which holds the finished dry cement in containers sealed at the plant from the roof and transported by truck to the mixing station. Because it holds dry cement, there is no need to worry about the cement hardening, so the tanks do not need to be rotated during transport.

When they arrive at the mixing station, an air compressor on the tank truck pressurizes the tanks, which are then discharged down the pipe into the mixing station's storage tank.

Then a forklift shovels equal proportions of stones into the tanks and mixes them with cement and water to make concrete.

Then the cement mixer came in, loaded the concrete into the mixer tank, and the mixer started racing toward the construction site. To keep the concrete from setting during driving, the tanks need to keep running, keep the speed of rotation can reduce cement hardening, but is not to say that cement is not frozen as long as the tanks keeping turning,at this time in big trouble,only manually cleaned can save, otherwise the tanks scrapped and lost hundreds of thousands of money.

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There is an access cover on the tank of the mixing truck. After the screw is removed, the set cement can be knocked out slowly with a pneumatic pick, which usually takes a few days.

Sometimes it is necessary to use gas cutting to cut the tank body for personnel to go into the tank to clean,this way is especially troublesome.

Inside the cement mixer are spiral grooves that continuously push the cement into the tank to prevent the concrete from leaking. When unloading, the tank is reversed and the spiral groove pushes the concrete to the unloading port, so the concrete is removed.

The center gravity of cement tanker is high, heavy load, sharp turns easy to turn over, long braking distance, so on the road we should be as far away as possible.

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