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An Overview of Drawbar Trailers 2021-11-17

Drawbar flat trailers are typically equipped with inflatable solid tyres, a low surface height, and a large load. There is no risk of a tyre puncture or breakage. Safe, simple, and long-lasting. It has no power of its own and must be towed by a tractor or forklift. A train is usually formed by one or more flat trailers and a forklift or tractor to transport flat goods or large equipment. Airports, ports, railway stations, factories, and large warehouses all use it. Increase the efficiency of goods transfer and translation significantly. Reduce the cost of the forklift and the labor.

The structure, torso, traction device, steering device, suspension, walking system, braking system, signal system, and other components make up a drawbar trailer. The main beam, beam, supporting beam, and side beam are the main components of the frame.

The straight beam rail's upper wing surfaces are straight. The flat bottom of the trailer cargo platform, the simple manufacturing process, the generally higher clearance from the ground, and the good longitudinal passage are its advantages.

Drawbar trailer classification:

  • Flatbed drawbar trailer - a drawbar trailer with a flat floor structure and no pallet at the loading section.
  • Container drawbar trailer - a drawbar trailer with a frame structure and no floor for transporting cargo, specifically containerized compartments.
  • Dump drawbar trailer - a drawbar trailer equipped with an automatic tipping device for loading a part.
  • Tank drawbar trailer - a drawbar trailer with a closed tank structure used for loading parts.

Drawbar trailers are used for:

The drawbar trailer is a type of trailer that was widely used in the early stages of trailer development because of its simple structure, easy connection, and widespread use. Drawbar trailer for general use, with carriage railplate drawbar trailer, can transport a variety of goods, including coal, sand, grain, cotton, fertiliser, daily provisions, wood, steel, cement, and so on.

The trailer as a whole includes a dump truck, a van, a tank truck, a chassis trailer, a refrigerated insulation trailer, a powder bulk trailer, a livestock and poultry trailer, and so on. Can transport various types of goods separately, such as powder, perishable fragile, liquid, poultry, livestock, and so on.

Flatbed trailers are an important part of any commercial trucking fleet. With their open beds and ability to control and manage heavy loads, these behemoths are responsible for transporting a large amount of cargo across the country every day.

The five most common commercial applications for a flatbed trailer are listed below. Flatbeds are an important part of the transportation industry, from transporting goods across the country to moving equipment around town.
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