What Are the Potential Benefits of a Low Bed Trailer? 2021-11-17

Is your transportation fleet in need of hauling solutions that are well-suited to hauling oversized freight such as heavy equipment, vehicles, and other items? Low bed trailers (also known as lowboys) are a versatile option that provides numerous advantages to commercial haulers. 


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What exactly is a Low-Bed Trailer?

Low-bed (or lowboy) trailers, as the name implies, are models with a lower profile than other units, made possible by a drop deck design. Because of the lower profile, it is possible to transport oversized items or equipment that exceeds normal height restrictions. 


Low bed trailers are especially useful for transporting extremely heavy loads that would otherwise unbalance other trailers, and both removable gooseneck trailers, as well as mechanical and hydraulic units, provide superior stability regardless of payload.


A lowboy trailer is a specialized trailer designed to transport large or heavy loads. Lowboys, for example, are commonly used to transport large construction equipment and machinery. Because they are low to the ground and sit just above it, lowboys can transport these loads.


Lowboys come in a variety of lengths and towing capacities. These trailers can be as long as 29.6 feet. A standard two-axle lowboy can haul up to 40,000 pounds, but by increasing the number of axles, you can reach a carrying capacity of up to 80,000 pounds.



Lowboy trailers have numerous applications in a variety of industries. They are a popular choice for those in oil and gas, mining, agriculture, construction, forestry, and related industries due to their compatibility with heavy loads. Low bed trailers can be used to transport rail cars, machinery, construction assets, and other loads that would be difficult to transport otherwise, saving you time and money while delivering the resources you require on-site.



As previously stated, there are numerous advantages to hauling with lowboy trailers, two of which are:



Lowboy trailers are built with a lower center of gravity, which provides greater stability than other types of trailers. Low beds, when combined with a larger cargo plane, can keep your products safe during transport.



Low bed trailers are popular due to their versatile and adaptable design, in addition to their increased stability. Lowboys were designed to handle the heaviest loads with ease, and they are well equipped to handle oversized equipment and stock without jeopardizing safety standards or putting either the driver or the cargo at risk. The low profile of these trailers makes it simple to comply with height regulations and transport resources from one location to another.



Low beds are the best choice for hauling heavy or oversized loads. When selecting your trailer, there are numerous lowboy types and features to consider.


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