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Chinese trucks do better business in Africa Jun,29 2022

Looking at China's truck industry, the development is not particularly fast, but the efficiency is very high. When it comes to global trucks, it can be divided into three categories, one is European and American trucks, the other is Japanese and Korean trucks, and the other is Chinese trucks. . It can be seen that the weight of Chinese trucks in the world is getting heavier and heavier, which is also a manifestation of the continuous improvement of the national economy. Although the sales volume in the Chinese market is low, the sales volume abroad is very high, and it has even reached an export volume of 200,000.

Chinese trucks sell best in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and other places, where Chinese trucks are often seen, such as Dongfeng, JAC, Foton, etc. In Vietnam, the share of Chinese trucks even reaches 50% , Toyota is enough to eat and drive in Vietnam, and trucks are also very popular in Africa. The continuous development of Chinese cars makes people pay more and more attention to Chinese brands.

African card lovers not only love Chinese trucks, but also second-hand car dealers. In Africa, they have a lot of demand for trucks. After all, trucks are a means of transportation and a large vehicle, which facilitates the work of many people. Especially in Africa, they prefer Chinese trucks. The sales of Chinese trucks in Africa are very good, and the demand has reached 300,000. The market for used cars in Africa is also very wide.

In particular, China's used HOWO truck orders have been exported to Africa, and they have been loved by everyone. In China's truck market, Chinese brands are basically used, few in Europe and America, and Japanese brands only have some small trucks, because Chinese wagons are durable and safer. High, no wonder it is loved by so many countries.


Main positions: Southeast Asia, Africa

Today, the development of China's truck export trade has basically matured, and a market layout with Asia and Africa as the mainstay, and Latin America and Europe as the supplements has been formed.


As the saying goes, business starts with acquaintances first, and Southeast Asia, which is also Asia, is the first region where my country's trucks go abroad to achieve phased victories. It is reported that nearly half of Vietnam's truck market is owned by our country, and together with Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries, it accounts for about 60% of my country's total truck exports.

The number of trucks exported to Africa accounts for more than 20% of the total, which is the second largest export area of trucks in China, and is mainly distributed in Angola, Algeria, Nigeria, Tanzania, Morocco, Ghana and other countries. In addition, affected by national conditions and economic factors, second-hand Chinese trucks have a wide market in Africa.


The remaining less than 20% of the share is divided into Latin America and Europe. Among them, Latin America is a new market for Chinese trucks that has only been formed in recent years, accounting for 15%, representing countries such as Chile, Ecuador, and Argentina; while Europe's own auto industry is already very developed, and it is difficult for Chinese trucks to gain a foothold there. Currently, it is mainly exported to Russia.

As for why these countries are the main exporters of Chinese trucks? Well understood.

From a geographical point of view, Southeast Asia is adjacent to China, and has certain export convenience. The transportation environment and transportation needs are similar. In addition, there are many Chinese in Southeast Asia, and trade interactions are frequent, so the demand will naturally not be less. From the perspective of economic construction, China The African aid plan and various infrastructure projects under the Belt and Roadinitiative have also brought new opportunities for Chinese trucks to develop overseas markets, especially the demand for construction vehicles and tractors.

On the other hand, most of these countries have less developed economies and industries, and Chinese trucks are cost-effective, excellent in performance, and durable in construction, which just fits their needs.


There are many export brands, and Sinotruk accounts for half

Regarding the export of truck brands, there is a saying in the industry that "half is SINOTRUK truck, half is other". Indeed, SINOTRUK began to deploy overseas markets in 2004, taking the lead in cutting the cake, and has achieved the proud record of 17 consecutive export championships. SINOTRUK trucks can be seen everywhere in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Eritrea and other countries in Africa.

If Africa is the world of Sinotruk, then Southeast Asia is definitely the rivers and lakes of Foton.

In Vietnam, the market share of Foton trucks can reach 30%-35%, and the sales in the Philippines, Myanmar and Thailand are also considerable. At the same time, on March 18 this year, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) came into effect for Malaysia, which will be beneficial for Foton to further develop the Southeast Asian market.

In addition, Jiefang, Shaanxi Automobile, Dongfeng, and Jianghuai also have good results in export trade, and they are mainly oriented to markets such as South Africa, Iran, Chile, and Russia.

Of course, with the continuous development of the national economy, more and more car companies are expanding their overseas business, and the areas they cover are getting wider and wider. Here are just a few representative car companies and countries.


Although people have mixed opinions on Chinese trucks, it is an indisputable fact that Chinese trucks have been recognized by foreign friends from the accelerating pace of Chinese trucks entering overseas markets in recent years. We should also recognize from the bottom of our hearts: Chinese trucks are also excellent!

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