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Dangers of Tanker Trucks Jun,08 2022

Commercial trucks come in many different shapes and sizes. Some commercial vehicles are designed to carry passengers and others a specifically to transport goods. Some products may have unique properties that require a special type of truck. For example, oversized or awkwardly-shaped materials may require a flatbed trailer or lowbed trailer. Another type of special truck commonly seen on the highways in Africa countries is a tanker trailer truck.

Instead of traditional trailers, tanker trucks have cylindrical trailers specifically designed to transport liquids or gases. These trucks typically carry fuel to gas stations, but in addition to fuel, they can be used to transport many other types of materials. Although tank trucks are critical to the economy, they pose a unique risk in truck accidents due to the nature of the cargo.

Cargo Loading Issues

Tank trucks must be properly loaded to prevent accidents. For example, if the tank is carrying liquid and is not sufficiently filled, the liquid may slosh inside the tank. This usually causes the tank to become out of balance, which may cause the driver to lose control of the truck. In this case, the fuel tank may bend or even roll over, both of which may cause collisions with multiple vehicles. This can cause extensive damage and injury to many different drivers.

Cargo Spills

Another risk with tanker trucks is that the cargo may spill out if the truck is in an accident. While not all tankers carry dangerous cargo, many of them do.   This can include toxic chemicals, highly flammable liquids, among others. If toxic chemicals spill out onto the road, they can cause widespread injury to anyone in the area. In addition, if a truck carrying flammables crashes, a fire could start or the tank could even explode, severely injuring anyone in the vicinity of the crash site.

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