Introduction of asphalt tanker trailer Jun,08 2022
Asphalt transport semi-trailer, also called as asphalt tanker trailer, bitumen trailer. It is consists of trailer chassis, tank body, pump, burner, heating system etc. It is covered with stainless steel on the surface and use Rockwool as insulation layer, which have a good insulation performance and durable quality. SUNSKY trailer as a professional tanker trailer supplier from China, we can design and produce the asphalt tanker trailer as your requirements.

Here is the specification of one type of asphalt/bitumen tanker trailer for your reference:

40 Tons 3-Axle Asphalt Trailer

Effective Cubage:



Carbon steel





Tare weight:



5mm for shell and 6mm for dish.
0.8mm stainless steel on the surface of insulation layer


Fuwa brand 13T,3 axles


Spring suspension with 8pcs of leaf spring

Type of landing legs and capacity:


King pin:

2 inch bolt-in


12R22.5 (13sets)


9.0*22.5 (13sets)

Braking system:

Dual-line air brake system

Heating system:

one set Burner

Internal heating pipe:

8mm thickness


2 sets,20 inch

Insulation layer:

75mm,rockwool insulation

Diesel engine:

40kw,four cylinder

Discharge pump and pipe

4 inch

Use of asphalt tanker trailer:

Asphalt tanker trailers are used for long, medium and short distance transportation of liquid asphalt. The asphalt trailer use diesel or gas burner for heating and insulation. In addition, it can also be used for the penetration of asphalt pavement and the spraying of binders in the treatment of asphalt surface. It can also be used for the superficial pavement to add the surface treatment layer in the plant-mixed black gravel road. The asphalt trailer can be designed with self-unloading function, the inclination angle is not more than 17 degrees, which can unload the asphalt quickly and easily, and the heater has the function of blowing air that has good heating and insulation effect. They are ideal semi-trailer to transport asphalt.

Feature of asphalt tanker trailer
1. The turning radius of the whole vehicle structure is small; the cross section of the tank body is round, the volume is large, the center of gravity is low, and the structure is compact;
2. The asphalt tank is equipped with a heating system and an imported diesel burner. The combustion quality is good and there is no pollution;
3. The unique heat transfer oil system is used to heat and heat the asphalt pump and valve; the hydraulic system drives the asphalt pump and the heat transfer oil pump, the drive is reliable and the operation is convenient;
4, multi-function pumping system, reliable transmission, easy to operate, can meet the various needs of asphalt transportation; with liquid level display and full alarm system, easy to control the asphalt level in the tank;
5, self-flow discharge: when the oil storage tank is lower than the asphalt transport vehicle, it can be discharged directly from the flow;
6. Pressure discharge: when the oil storage tank is higher than the asphalt transport vehicle, it is pumped by pressure;
7. Self-pumping: The asphalt in the thermal tank or oil storage tank can be sucked into the vehicle through its own oil drain pipe, without the need for an external pump;
8. Internal circulation: During the heating process of asphalt, internal circulation can be carried out to improve the heating quality of asphalt.
9. External pump input: asphalt can be injected through the manhole on the tank top.
10. Suitable for various conditions of operation, large traction, strong carrying capacity and comfortable driving.

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