Four Truck maintenance ways to solve the troubles of the rainy season Apr,19 2024
Truck drivers need to master different maintenance measures to cope with different seasons. Especially when it comes to truck maintenance after rain, a little carelessness will leave hidden dangers. How to do a good job of vehicle maintenance so that your car does not "get sick"? Truck maintenance after rain is crucial, four ways to solve the troubles of the rainy season!

Dehumidification in the car 
In fact, dehumidification should be done when it rains. When it rains, you should turn on the cold air, which not only removes the fog, but also dehumidifies. In addition to turning on the air conditioner, it is best to buy a simple dehumidifier box so that the interior parts of the car are not susceptible to moisture after overnight. In addition, putting a roll of toilet paper in the car also has a dehumidifying effect.

Remove the sediment in time after the rain 
After the heavy rain, don't think that the heavy rain has washed the body clean, and ignore the details of the dirt and dirt in the chassis. Sludge tends to accumulate in the gaps between the front and rear of truck tires, which increases the wear of brake pads and reduces braking performance. Moreover, the body that has been bumped is corroded by acidic substances in the rain, and the corrosion of the body is accelerated, which reduces the reliability of the car.

Therefore, after the heavy rain, cardholders should clean these dirty places in time, and use a dry rag to wipe the water in the places where they have been bumped. If the paint on the body is peeled off, it should be repaired in time. The grease nipple parts such as gearbox and fork shaft are filled with butter in time to prevent rust.

Maintenance of wipers and air filters 
Wipers are the most frequent tools used in the rainy season, long-term use may adsorb sand or leaves, and not dealing with them for a long time will not only affect the sight of card friends, but also cause certain wear and tear to the car glass, so it is important to use glass water to clean the wipers in time.

The engine's air filter is a key component of the entire car, and on rainy days, the air filter is prone to water ingress. Many vehicle air filters are low from the ground, and once water enters when passing through waterlogged roads, it may cause serious mechanical accidents, resulting in connecting rod bending, cylinder smashing and other phenomena. This will make the engine in the heart of the car scrapped, bringing irreparable losses to cardholders.

Electrical and electrical equipment inspection 
In rainy days, drivers often encounter problems that the engine is not easy to start, sometimes even if it is barely started, it is also weak, and sometimes the radio fails.

At this time, it is necessary to check the battery, ignition switch, and engine electronic control parts, which are related to electricity, which may be caused by leakage and disconnection. Especially for the national V electronically controlled diesel engine, it is necessary to strictly prevent water ingress into the ECU, water ingress into the DCU of the after-processing unit, and water ingress into each plug-in joint, which may cause fault codes and torque limiting.

If the engine suddenly stops while driving, do not start the ignition multiple times, you should wait for a while or get out of the car to check the circuit, otherwise it is very easy to cause the engine to be scrapped. If it is due to aging and leakage, it must be replaced in time.
You may not pay attention to the small matter of rain because you don't feel its real-time impact on your car, but when these problems surface, it will be troublesome to remedy them. So, these maintenance skills must be learned!
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