How much do you know about "HOWO 6X4 Dump Truck"? Mar,21 2024
HOWO 6X4 dump truck is a high-performance truck produced by a Chinese heavy-duty truck manufacturer. It adopts a 6X4 drive system, which has a strong load capacity and excellent handling performance.

Strong power and carrying capacity: The HOWO 6X4 dump truck is equipped with a high-performance engine and reliable chassis structure, which can carry a large number of goods and remain stable in various road conditions.
Durability & Reliability: HOWO trucks are known for their excellent build quality and durability for long-term reliable performance.
Versatility: The HOWO 6X4 dump truck can be used in a variety of applications, including construction sites, mines, ports, and logistics centers, to meet the transportation needs of different industries.
Efficient work efficiency: The model has the efficient performance of highway driving and cargo loading and unloading, which can effectively improve the efficiency of cargo transportation.

Application Scenario
HOWO 6X4 dump truck is widely used in the following fields: Construction site: used to transport construction materials such as sand, cement and bricks, etc.
Mines: Used to transport ores and other mining products.
Port: used for loading and unloading goods and the transportation of containers.
Logistics industry: used for long-distance cargo transportation and urban logistics distribution.

To ensure the long-term stable operation of the HOWO 6X4 dump truck, the following maintenance work needs to be carried out regularly
Oil Change: Change the engine oil and filter element regularly to keep the inside of the engine clean.
Check the braking system: Regularly check the working condition of the braking system, including the inspection and replacement of brake pads and brake fluid.
Tire Maintenance: Regularly check your tires for wear and tear to ensure that the tread depth meets safety standards and that correct tire pressure is maintained.
Lubrication system: Lubricating oil is added to the lubrication points regularly to ensure the smooth operation of each component.
Chassis inspection: Regularly inspect the chassis structure and suspension system to ensure vehicle stability and safety.
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