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Get To Know The Specs and Functionality of Modular Trailer Jun,08 2022

A modular trailer is a collection of customised trucks designed to transport massive, difficult-to-disassemble items. The trailer is also used to deliver things that are too long to fit on a truck. Power plants, the chemical industry, the iron and steel industry, and the construction sector are all key users of modular trailers. One of the safest methods to move large and over-dimensional things on the road is using a modular trailer. The modular trailer's gross loaded weight is set depending on the maximum load per axle. The unladen weight of them should be as little as possible in order to have a larger payload capacity. Because the frame bears the majority of the load (unladen), weight minimization may be done to boost the trailer's payload capacity. The modular trailers are available in two-axle, three-axle, four-axle, five-axle, six-axle, and eight-axle variants. A maximum load of 40 tonnes per axle is possible. The modular trailer has a higher carrying capacity since it has more axle lines.

Components of a modular trailer


The frame's primary girder features a box-type carrying beam construction. To ensure stability and dependability, the girder is made of high-performance welding steel. The frame's surface needs to be cleaned. Sandblasting should be applied to the main structure's surface. The thickness of the surface painting should meet national regulations.

Wheel boogie

The hydraulic wheel bogie, which comprises the bogie frame, hydraulic cylinder, axle, tyre, and rocker arm, is used in the modular unit. It can carry a lot of weight. The axle swings to adjust for unevenness in the transverse direction of the road. The hydraulic lifting system adjusts the modular supporting system if the road is uneven in the driving direction.


A pressurised air brake mechanism is included in the modular unit. Double brake chambers, single brake chambers, relay valves, brake drums, and reservoirs are all part of the system. The braking system is made up of two brake lines, one for the service brake and the other for the parking brake.


The steering central panel, steering orifice plate, steering cylinders, and steering rods make up the steering mechanism. The steering orifice plate and the bogie frame are soldered together. The plate features a certain number of assembly holes for installing steering rods. The placements of the steering rods on the steering orifice plate may be adjusted to suit the modular unit's various combination modes.


A hydraulic modular trailer's separate swing axles are made up of hydraulic suspension that may be coupled to various support circuits. The suspension is connected to multiple circuits to guarantee that the axles are loaded equally. Even while driving over difficult terrain, proper lengthwise and crosswise levelling is ensured when the axles are loaded equally. Extreme cross falls are likewise controlled by equal loads.

Advantages of modular trailer

Modular trailers can handle tasks that traditional trailers can't. A modular trailer should, in theory, have a variety of gear built into it.

It might have a bed attached to a frame of a specific width and length. A transportation conveyance that reaches the ground surface and another that does the same but is attached to the opposite sides of the mainframe are among the other devices.

A towing arm with a bed element freely connected to a tow element may be included in the modular trailers' equipment.

The tow element might be coupled to a coupler on the trailer that is configured to securely attach to ball hitches or any other tow hitch.

Here is all the coverage on the modular trailer that one needs to go through before either purchasing or hiring a trailer for themselves.

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