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Tips to manage a truck breakdown Jun,08 2022

Traveling presents its own set of challenges and out of all the most dangerous and common challenges that a truck or trailer driver can face is the breakdown of the vehicle. Fortunately, you can reduce the time and cost of these breakdowns with a little foresight. So, continue reading to find out how to deal with the anxiety that comes with a truck breakdown.

It is critical to have visibility

Maintaining maximum visibility is the first and most important part of any truck breakdown. Highway traffic moves at high speeds, and drivers are usually more concerned with getting where they're going than with what's going on around them,making a large truck stopped on the side of the road a liability.

It's your responsibility to make sure that your vehicle's temporary inoperable status is obvious. To do so have a quick check of Turning on your flashers, the most visible indicator of vehicle problems will give approaching cars enough time to avoid you, especially on tighter roads.

Reflective Warning Signs building a reflective warning sign or two to create a "workspace" for inspecting your truck.

Road flares Having road flares on hand is essential if your truck breaks down at night.

Field assessment is a must

Electronics abound in today's trucks are frequently the source of malfunctions. While you won't be able to fix these issues on your own, knowing what's wrong will allow a service vehicle to arrive at your truck faster and get it back in working order. Although you may be able to make a safe and effective field repair for mechanical issues, you should still take your truck to a nearby truck repair shop for an inspection. Even if you are unable to resolve a mechanical issue, knowing which component has failed can be beneficial.

Conduct appropriate research

Find out where the nearest trailer repair shop is in the area you're visiting. It's difficult to know who to call when your truck breaks down on a long haul. If you frequently drive in a particular area, however, it's a good idea to become familiar with the local truck and trailer service shops so you can contact them as soon as you need them.

Even if you're too far away for a local part delivery, having a dependable distributor to ensure you get what you need when you need it saves time.

Get some passing experience

It's always a good idea to pass another vehicle safely. Driving a commercial truck necessitates even greater caution because the large, heavy vehicle cannot stop as quickly as a passenger vehicle. It will take time for you to react and adjust their speed and brakes.

Always approach a small vehicle from the left, as this allows the driver to see you more easily. Pass at a constant speed and always, to maintain a safe distance, make sure you can see the vehicle in your rearview mirror befor merging back into the lane in front of it.

Last but not least Be on the lookout for wide turns

Semi-trailer trucks require more space to turn than passenger cars, and the cab and trailer take separate paths. A truck may need to swing left to make room for a right turn,or it may begin the turn in the middle lane.

Passing a vehicle with its turn signal on is prohibited, as is driving between small vehicles. Make sure your vehicle is safely behind the line when coming to a stop at an intersection, as trucks require that space to turn.

All this can be done to ensure your safety, trailer safety, and the safety of the vehicles traveling along with you. We wish you nothing but a Happy and safe driving.

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