How to Maintain Truck Engine (2) Mar,17 2022

Change the oil

Make sure that you set up a maintenance schedule that includes regular oil changes. The type of work that you use your truck for will impact how often you change the oil.

Heavy-duty applications require more frequent oil changes. Likewise, you’ll need to keep a closer eye on your oil if you use your truck for towing. Don’t forget to monitor the oil level between changes.

Park your truck on level ground and make sure that your engine is cool before you check the oil. If you’ve just finished driving your truck, you’ll need to leave it for half an hour or more before you take a look at the oil.

Before you open up the hood, check that the truck is on level ground. Next, open the hood and look at the dipstick.

Avoid idling your engine for extended periods

While older diesel trucks need to be kept running to stop fuel gelling, this is no longer true for modern models.

Modern diesel engines shouldn’t be kept idling for long periods as it wastes fuel, increases emissions, and reduces the lifespan of your engine.

Now that you know more about truck engine maintenance, you can ensure that you take proper care of your vehicle.

Not only does proper maintenance ensure that your truck operates at maximum efficiency, taking care of your vehicle also extends its lifespan. If you want to inquiry for the Chinese brand truck (HOWO tractor truck, tipper truck, tanker truck etc.), welcome to visit our website: to get more information.

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